ikontel Technology


iKonTel. We are a next generation service provider with an endeavor to offer cost-effective high end quality solutions, focused on addressing customer’s pain areas. We offer a broad portfolio of core enterprise & industry specific services by implementing smart basics combined with proficient and first-rate execution model.

Since our inception, iKonTel’s been focused on customer-centric innovation; constantly searching for new and different ways to solve client problems andbuild stronger businesses.That culture continues to thrive, permeating the company from the top down and setting it apart from competitors focused solely on execution of repetitive Telecom and Health Care in India.

At iKonTel, we nurtureInnovation, for ourselves and especially for our clients. iKonTel couples its deep process knowledge, insights and best practices with industry experience and strong domain knowledge to deliver a comprehensive solution. The strong executive leadership team & consultants have over 200 man yrs of collective experience in the industry which gives us the unique ability of providing consulting services to our clients.

In every area, we go from meeting simple transactional needs to providing process management capabilities, where complex decision making and keen judgment are required. The advantage for the client is of Development, Delivery and Execution expertise from iKonTel.