How we work

How We Work


One of our client, a popular telecom operator want to reach their customers who does not use their phone very actively. So it is very difficult to reach to these customers. Our client is neither able to send prompotional SMS or OBD ( outbound automated calls) to these customers. The difficulty is finding when the user is using his mobile and active in the network.

Our client want to give them some promotional offers, so that these customers come to the mainstream and generate revenue and increase the Average revenue per user( ARPU). Our client evaluated the existing solutions, which are very expensive and my destablize the existing network and it may add additional loads. The challenge was to provide a cost effective smart solution without adding any extra load on the existing infrastructure.

There are millions of calls and call events are happening the network. So the soultion should be fast en enough to track the events and analyse when the user is active and send him an sms/voice altert. We designed a smart solutions to this problem and currently deployed on six telecom circles and soon will put all the telecom circles of our client across india. This really helps our client retaining their customers and increase the ARPU.

Still most of the telecom operators wastes their precious messaging and calling bandwith to reach their customer when their mobile are switched off/not reachable. Our INSTA ALERT solution sends the promotional calls/message only when they are in the network, so effectively sending the bandwidth.