Ticket Log Tracker

ticket tracking software bangalore


This application run’s in web & mobile platform .

When there are a lot of people working on requests, it keeps tracking of information far easier. Instead of remembering to CC someone on that email stream so that they know the history, bam. It’s right there in the ticket for that issue.

If you have a lot of requests or tasks to complete, and have to put something off for a few days to put out a fire or ten, it’s nice to be able to open a ticket and see all the relevant info right away instead of digging through emails.

I think that ticket tracking system’s major benefit to us is that it functions as a “System of Record”. As a project progresses, all the key information ends up being documented in the ticket tracking system.

The management can track ticket logs. And understand the consumer problem need for the further development. So they can improve their efficiency in the future.