Traditionally the audio bridges are for few numbers and bridge member needs to dial a number to join the conference.

Traditionally the audio bridges are for a few number of people and the bridge member needs to dial a number to join the conference.

But our conference is different. We provide a conference bridge where thousands of people can join conferences together. Dial out your members and join them in the conference, with control features like mute/speaker mute, recording, press to talk feature.

Since the audio bridge supports a large number of people, admins can selectively mute/unmute members or invite them for a private talk during the conference. Members can press a key to talk, offering a structured and organized audio conference bridge. The admin holds the authority to acknowledge a member's intention and unmute them when required.

iKontel’s audio conferencing solutions are ideal for small, medium and large companies that require to host conferences with virtually thousands of candidates. In fact, there’s no limit to how many people you can join in your conference meetings. 

Benefits of audio conference bridge

Convenient & productive

Organizations can leverage audio conferencing to boost the productivity of meetings, conference calls and briefings. An entire company can mingle over audio conferences to discuss and understand their objectives.

Cost-effective communication

With a centralized hub and easy controls, the audio conference can be managed effectively by the admin. The audio conference is used to bridge an organization across demographics in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Increased connectivity

Whether you want an exclusive board member meeting or an employee onboarding conference, you can initiate and manage a conference call with thousands of members. Effective admin controls allow for seamless business communication.

Simple & secure

Simple interface with a broad range of applications in every industry, audio conferencing is a secure tool for business communication.

Admin controls

Admins can manage the conference easily, with control features to oversee a conference of thousands of people. The audio conference bridge is built for extensive use with maximum control and secure access.

Hosting & Support

You don't have to invest in a hosting provider or other infrastructure when iKontel offers hosting and support to manage all your communications in one place.

Cloud telephony

The cloud hosted telephony system is reliable for high quality conference calls. You can scale up your business meetings with members from all around the globe with uninterrupted audio conferencing solutions.

Use cases

For businesses, the audio conference bridge presents a viable solution for secure communication within the organization or anywhere across the world.

  • Host business meetings
  • Host virtual conferences
  • Employee training at large-scale
  • Employee onboarding conferences
  • Partnership summits
  • Dedicated support channel
  • Board member meetings
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Host large meetings

Maximum security and convenience

Your powerful ideas worth sharing are transferred over secure lines with uninterrupted access to dedicated channels of your business. The bridge is so powerful that it’s convenience allows easy control features, private rooms, large meetings, secure communication gateway and much more.

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Some of the important features

Cost effective communication tool

Easily accessible

Smart controls and features

Saves time and money

High quality audio conferences

Communicate with virtually endless members

No geographical limitations

Cloud telephony integration

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