Design Voice Bot using Amazon Lex, Nuance Recognizer/ Google Speech cloud/Python , Anaconda

Top-notch speech service provider for Businesses

We provide the following services.

Design Voice Bot using Amazon Lex, Nuance Recognizer, Google Speech cloud, Python , Anaconda

Call Steering

Text to Speech using Amazon poly | Nuance | Google TTS

VXML 2.0 setup | Asterisk IPBX | UNIMRCP set up for testing

Transcription Service in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Odia, Bengali, Malayalam

Python tools evaluate Word Error rate, Word recognition rate and Sentence error rate.

We run inhouse contact centers for different processes :

Electricity Payment Follow up | Hindi

Appointment booking | English | Kannada

Farmer registration | Hindi | Kannada | Telugu | Marathi | Tamil

House Joy service like Pest control, electrician, etc. | English

What is speech service technology?

As we get closer to the digitalization of businesses, speech services are gaining momentum in the market. More companies are using speech-services to create chat bots, automate customer support, translate documentation, transcribe audio to text and much more. Speech services are used by Google, Amazon, Microsoft and numbers tech firms to revolutionize communication technologies. 

In the world of smart automation technology, speech services and voice recognition is used in devices to fetch information and perform tasks. If you want to build a smart robot or chat bot, speech services will play a vital role in shaping up your business assets. The dedicated technology can be used in numerous applications across diverse industry verticals. 

Whether you want a dedicated transcription software, or a translation software for large-scale use, speech service technology can equip your business with the best hardware and software.

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Benefits of iKontel Speech Services

Innovative solutions

iKontel offers innovative speech service solutions for your business demands. Whether you want a custom voice bot, text-to-speech services for your custom app or require a translation service, we offer the most robust software engineering with speech service development.

In-house development

With access to the latest technologies, iKontel enables smooth functionality of your business through automated speech service solutions that improve the overall efficiency. With dedicated contact centers, we equip your business with the latest communication technologies.

Centralized access

Centralized access for all your communications, our cloud telephony can be leveraged to incorporate custom speech services for your IVR, Click 2 Call, SMS marketing, Robocall, Voicebots, chat support and much more.

Business process automation

With advanced cloud telephony and speech services among a host of communication technologies, you can transform your business processes with automation technology. Automated business communications return a high ROI and can be installed into any existing infrastructure easily.

Productive workflow

With the latest communication tools, your organization’s efficiency is positively impacted. Employees can function in skill-oriented tasks while the repetitive strenuous tasks are effectively handled by a machine. Smart AI integration and advanced cloud technology makes iKontel your ideal communications partner.

Some of the important features

In-house development

Centralized access

Business process automation

Productive workflow

Our Locations

IKONTEL is a leading Cloud Telephony Service Provider with HQ in Bangalore but having offices across India like Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Varanasi, Kolkata, Ranchi and also having presence in Jaipur, Amritsar, New Delhi through outreach partners.



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