Toll free also commonly known as 1800 number gives callers an opportunity to contact with no additional long distance fees.

Toll free service providers in India 

Toll free also known as a 1800 number gives callers an opportunity to contact with no additional long distance fees. Connect instantly with required channels configured in the backend of Toll-Free services. 

Quick, convenient and ideal for targeting customers, toll-free numbers boost customer engagement and inquiries about a business.. Get a toll free number for your business and increase your sales possibilities. Use this toll free phone number as your marketing strategy by displaying it on online and offline forums, to attract potential callers. 

The toll free number can be mapped to Cloud telephony virtual numbers / virtual receptionist so that you never miss your customer call. Toll-free numbers are a great way to promote your business and generate leads to your business.

Applications of Toll-free numbers

When you offer toll-free numbers for customers to contact your business, people will not hesitate to gain more information. A toll-free number boosts the credibility of your business and allows direct access for a vast share of customers. As a legitimate point of contact, your reputation in the market grows with a toll-free service. With reduced costs incurred by customers, their satisfaction with your services increases. Toll-free numbers are a great way to advertise your business to more customers.

Benefits of Toll-free services

Generate more leads

If prospects can contact your business for free, the number of leads generated for your business is higher. Toll-free numbers encourage people to contact your business directly.

Build your brand recall value

Create a high recall value for your business with a Toll-free number that’s easy to remember and cost-free to contact.

Expand your reach in the market

Reach more people with Toll-free numbers that allow anybody who comes across your brand to interact with your business effectively.

Provide customers free access

Give your customers free access to contact your business and further their relationships with your products and services.

Improve customer satisfaction

Customers prefer a toll-free number to contact your business and solve their queries immediately. A toll-free helpline improves customer satisfaction.

Employ toll-free marketing strategies

Toll-free numbers can be used to populate the market with your marketing efforts, enabling customers a direct and free method to approach your business and learn more.

Increase your business credibility

A toll-free number boosts business credibility by making information more accessible and customer relations fruitful.

Some of the important features

Free and direct point of contact

Point of sales information

Customer care support system

24/7 connectivity and service to the market

Reduced costs

Lead generation

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