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Empowering automated communication solutions

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony machine that can interact with callers, collect information, and route callers to the concerned departments. By automating communication processes, companies save time while providing instant resolutions to every query.

IVR utilizes a combination of voice input and dial pad tone selection to trigger appropriate responses, like voice, automated messaging, call-back, emails, and other media.

How does IVR help your business?

IVR is widely used in various industries to streamline communication channels and automate rigorous processes with minimum human intervention.

By automating call handling processes, IVR can manage a large call volume and provide detailed analytics about communication operations.

Configure personalized messages
Generate more leads
Collect customer information
Automate the customer support system
Prioritize calls based on value
Route callers to the right agent or department
Offer self-service to customers
Manage high call volumes effectively
Speech-to-text integration for seamless communications
Improved efficiency and customer experiences

Thus, IVR saves time, effort, and resources while providing an efficient output.

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Implement a solid strategy for inbound & outbound communications

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Reporting & Analytics

Customized Development Tool
Simple To Use API Based on HTTP Protocol
Managed Services and Cloud Architecture
Custom IVR Enterprise Solution
Custom IVR Enterprise Solution

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Unique features of Ikontel IVR System

Intelligent call routing
Automated responses
Real-time analytics
Handle large call volumes
Call monitoring & recording
Accelerate your ROI
Responsive data collection
Integrated enterprise applications
Low maintenance
Easy installation & personalization
Improved sales & marketing functions

Industry Use Cases

Management suite for complete BPO
  • Built-in CRM for seamless experiences
  • Outbound & inbound calling
  • Customer experience and sentiment analysis
  • Automated customer interactions & self-service consoles
Integrated marketing & sales platform for all industries
  • Speech services, voicemail, & personalized messaging
  • Customized feedback channels for call analysis
  • AI-powered IVR & custom API integration
Create a complete virtual PBX ecosystem
  • Host your own call center on the cloud
  • Role-based access & user management
  • Web office, call logs, call management dashboard
  • Enterprise app integration
Build multi-level IVR systems
  • Inbound & Outbound call management suites
  • Handle large call volumes
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Personalize your AI-powered IVRS
  • Real-time analytics and lead management tools
Never miss a single customer query
  • Bespoke IVRS integration
  • Automated Miss Call delivery
  • Integrated email reporting
Get customers to Click-to-call from your website
  • Single click-based calling
  • Website integration with IVR flow
  • OTP based verification & patching
  • Customer privacy & number masking
  • Automated call handling
Reach more people with SMS services
  • Bulk SMS marketing
  • OTP & Transactional SMS
  • Personalized SMS alerts
  • SMS lead generation
  • Automation with IVR

Frequently Asked Questions

IVR is a powerful automation technology that streamlines business communications. Here are 5 major benefits of utilizing this technology.
  • Generate More Leads with IVR Solution
  • Enhance Brand Image for your Business
  • Boost Agent Productivity
  • Manage Large Call Volumes
  • Offer Personalized Experiences

IVRS provides action-oriented processing based on the input provided by customers calling a company’s customer service number. The customers can press various options on the number pad, and gain access to the concerned agent or department, in the shortest time. IVR distinguishes between different incoming calls intelligently, based on the intent of the customer query. Key areas, such as technical issues, sales, lead inquiries, customer support, payment issues, etc. can be resolved by utilizing a customized intelligent IVR solution.

There are numerous advantages of IVR technology. Here are a few points businesses consider about the profitability of IVR technology.
  • Minimal human intervention
  • Error-free resolutions
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Reduced call handle time
  • Intelligent data storage & analytics
  • Customer privacy & data security
  • Cost-effective & highly scalable
  • Easily installed, custom AI-powered IVR solutions
  • Remote connectivity & cloud telephony
  • No geographical limitations
  • More efficient than traditional PBX
  • Reduced manpower required to operate

Using pre-recorded IVR calls, companies can acquire feedback from many customers easily, and at the same time. A call can be personalized with the customer’s name and greeting before introducing the options to engage. The customer simply has to dial an option to choose products, leave reviews, or even record their custom response. All of this without any human intervention can collect and store large amounts of valuable data for analysis and implementation.

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