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Cloud Telephony - The ideal Remote Working Solutions

Cloud telephony is the technology that shifts your business setup to the cloud. It is the most efficient way to manage business communications without compromising on cost and quality.
More businesses are adopting a cloud-based communication model due to its high scalability, customization options, and flexible business applications.

Benefits of using Cloud Telephony for your Business

This is how Cloud Telephony helps Your Business

WIth secure messaging and voice & messaging services over the cloud, cloud telephony streamlines various business processes using custom web applications.
Easy to install, user-friendly, secure cloud communications ensures business efficiency with a maximum ROI.
Enable agents to work remotely.
Facilitate marketing campaigns & loyalty programs easily.
Resolve customer queries immediately.
Drive successful lead generation for business processes.
Build a robust business communication model with customized enterprise applications.
Offer seamless customer services, automated marketing & sales functions.
Expand your cloud communication framework as your business grows, without incurring costs on infrastructure and maintenance.
Cloud telephony is reliable, cost-effective, and saves time for businesses

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24/7 support
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Reporting & Analytics

CRM integration
Simple To Use API Based on HTTP Protocol
Integration with Third Party CRM Services
Customized CRM development Dashboard, Reports

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Unique features of Ikontel Cloud Telephony

  • Agent Scheduling
  • Intelligent Call Forwarding
  • Automated Call Routing
  • Realtime Analytics
  • Host Multiple Conference
  • Call Monitoring & Recording
  • Number masking
  • Powerful enterprise applications

Reinvent your communications strategy with iKontel Cloud Telephony services.

Build a better business with the latest cloud applications

Industry Use Cases
Management suite for complete BPO
  • Built-in CRM for seamless experiences
  • Outbound & inbound calling
  • Customer experience and sentiment analysis
  • Automated customer interactions & self-service consoles
Integrated marketing & sales platform for all industries
  • Speech services, voicemail, & personalized messaging
  • Customized feedback channels for call analysis
  • AI-powered IVR & custom API integration
Create a complete virtual PBX ecosystem
  • Host your own call center on the cloud
  • Role-based access & user management
  • Web office, call logs, call management dashboard
  • Enterprise app integration
Build multi-level IVR systems
  • Inbound & Outbound call management suites
  • Handle large call volumes
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Personalize your AI-powered IVRS
  • Real-time analytics and lead management tools
Never miss a single customer query
  • Bespoke IVRS integration
  • Automated Miss Call delivery
  • Integrated email reporting
Get customers to Click-to-call from your website
  • Single click-based calling
  • Website integration with IVR flow
  • OTP based verification & patching
  • Customer privacy & number masking
Reach more people with SMS services
  • Bulk SMS marketing
  • OTP & Transactional SMS
  • Personalized SMS alerts
  • SMS lead generation

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some major benefits of a cloud contact center.
  • Scalability and Flexibility of business communication abilities.
  • Pay-for-usage model, reducing time and costs in developing tailored solutions.
  • Remote workforce collaboration & communication made easy
  • Less technical manpower required to handle cloud operations
  • Integrate various enterprise applications with cloud communications
  • Improved customer service & business communications

iKontel offers tailored cloud telephony solutions for contact centers to scale up and meet the rising industry demands.

Contact telephony solutions offer the following features
  • Track numbers and call details for easy management
  • Access caller details, like name, contact number, subscription status, and call handling time
  • Route calls based on priority to the concerned agent, or next available associate
  • With minimal infrastructure requirements, cloud telephony solutions are highly customizable. Save space, time & costs.
  • Enhanced customer experience – Real-time updates, analytics, and efficient communications.

With a cloud telephony solution, businesses gain insights into how to improve existing patterns for a more efficient framework driven by cloud technology.

IVRS stands for Interactive Voice Response System, a technology used for handling large volumes of inbound and outbound calls, using intelligent dial tone detection and prerecorded messages to interact with callers. Callers can make payments, inquiries, service updates, request information, etc., quickly and easily on their own. The automation features of IVRS technology allow for efficient marketing, sales, and client interactions.

Cloud telephony is the technology that shifts your business setup to the cloud. It is the most efficient way to manage business communications without compromising on cost and quality. By enabling quicker access and ease of operational efficiency, businesses can leverage a range of advanced features like IVRS, cloud calling, Click-2-call, Virtual PBX, Audio Conferencing, Chatbots, etc., to fulfill specific business functions.

Businesses of all sizes, small, medium, and large can make the most of custom cloud telephony solutions. The cloud system is configured to your specific business requirements. To handle large call volumes, any business can utilize cloud telephony to reach more people, manage more clients, and boost their business communications. For automated sales & marketing, cloud telephony solutions include SMS services, toll-free numbers, chatbots, speech services, etc.

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