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iKonTel's Full Stack Cloud Telephony Solutions

iKonTel offers cloud telephony solutions that streamline business communication with customers. Services such as Voice Bot, IVR, Voice Broadcasting, Missed Call Solution, Click to Call, Bulk SMS, Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS, SMS Gateway, WhatsApp Chatbot , and Toll-Free Number provide businesses with efficient and effective ways to automate customer interactions, route calls to the appropriate agent, and engage with customers using popular messaging platforms.

Our Cloud Telephony Solutions

Enhances brand reputation, provides free calls for customers.

Reduces human dependency, automates customer interactions for efficiency.

Connects with customers at no cost, provides information faster.

Conveys messages to a wide audience effortlessly and effectively.

Easy for customers to connect with businesses, improves engagement.

Cost-effective way to send mass text messages, high reach.

Personalized automated customer service on a widely-used messaging app.

Transform your customer experience with our intelligent voice bot solutions!

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Agent Scheduling
Intelligent Call Forwarding
Automated Call Routing
Realtime Analytics
Host Multiple Conference
Call Monitoring & Recording
Number masking
Powerful enterprise applications

Benefits of using Cloud Telephony for your Business

Easy to install, user-friendly
Robust and powerful calling feature
Enable agents to work remotely
Provides secure and integrated communications
Instant resolution of customer queries
Flexible Scalability & Customized Solutions
Successful lead generation for business
Complete Sales and Support Solution
Ensures business efficiency with maximum ROI
Cost-effective, and saves time for businesses

Reinvent your communications strategy with
iKonTel Cloud Telephony services

Industry Use Cases
Management suite for complete BPO
  • Built-in CRM for seamless experiences
  • Outbound & inbound calling
  • Customer experience and sentiment analysis
  • Automated customer interactions & self-service consoles
Integrated marketing & sales platform for all industries
  • Speech services, voicemail, & personalized messaging
  • Customized feedback channels for call analysis
  • AI-powered IVR & custom API integration
Create a complete virtual PBX ecosystem
  • Host your own call center on the cloud
  • Role-based access & user management
  • Web office, call logs, call management dashboard
  • Enterprise app integration
Build multi-level IVR systems
  • Inbound & Outbound call management suites
  • Handle large call volumes
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Personalize your AI-powered IVRS
  • Real-time analytics and lead management tools
Never miss a single customer query
  • Bespoke IVRS integration
  • Automated Miss Call delivery
  • Integrated email reporting
Get customers to Click-to-call from your website
  • Single click-based calling
  • Website integration with IVR flow
  • OTP based verification & patching
  • Customer privacy & number masking
Reach more people with SMS services
  • Bulk SMS marketing
  • OTP & Transactional SMS
  • Personalized SMS alerts
  • SMS lead generation


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