Utilization of cloud telephony for the insurance industry

According to a research study by IBEF, the insurance industry will witness a four times growth in the next 10 years. To match the demands of a rapidly growing business ecosystem, insurance companies should invest in scalable and flexible technologies. Cloud Telephony has stood out as a leading contributor to efficiency and growth of the insurance business.

For example, a customer can Google for answers to their questions, or approach a company directly and use live chat feature to resolve their queries.

Cloud telephony has thus introduced a more reliable and consistent method of lead generation, customer retention and business process automation.

Services offered by Cloud Telephony for the Insurance Industry

1.     Personalized Messages with Specific Information

Companies can send targeted messages with information specific to the user intent, like birthday greetings, OTP’s, service level information and much more.

With the help of automated outbound solutions, companies can establish a personal connection with customers. Depending on the nature of the call, an automated call can be generated for a customer looking for specific information, including the customer’s name, total balance, package details, etc.

2.     Cloud Call Centre Applications

To answer customer queries on time, and monitor business communications, the ideal communication framework is required. Cloud telephony offers agents ease of access and remote productivity which transforms the call centre experience for employees and customers.

Using Cloud telephony, customer data can be analysed and customer relationships can be managed using custom applications for improved business operations.

Automated Speech Recognition is a type of technology that can help call centre’s monitor conversations and offer automated data-driven resolutions for customers.

3.     Missed Call Services

Missed Call Services allows insurance companies to measure customer responses to marketing campaigns online and offline. Used as a powerful feedback collection tool, Missed Call Services offer numerous other advantages in automating the data collection process, or getting customers to update information easily. 

4.     AI-powered IVR

Using custom IVRS solutions, customers get professional resolutions to queries automatically. Intelligent call routing offered by IVR streamlines the agent operations by automating repetitive tasks and creating an efficient way to solve specific customer queries.

AI-powered IVRS solutions can be used for client relations, data collection and in various departments of the insurance company.

7 Benefits of Cloud Telephony for the Insurance Industry

1.     Efficient lead management

2.     Automated services

3.     Customer privacy

4.     Reduced operational costs

5.     Manage customer-agent relations

6.     Easy & effective transactions

7.     Smooth customer experiences

Using AI-integrated cloud services, insurance companies can scale up their operations and meet the rising demands of their business. Utilizing the best cloud telephony system, insurance companies can save time, costs and effort in managing their business intelligence and customer relations effectively.

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