How Cloud telephony helped businesses during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic was a big threat to not just lives, but businesses and livelihoods. While the first wave of COVID-19 threatened the existence of SMEs, the second wave is taking a toll on businesses everywhere. Amidst the challenges, many businesses were in search for solutions to curb the negative impacts of this disease outbreak.

The flexibility of cloud telephony is the ideal solution for maintaining businesses and navigating through the many challenges. Thankfully, with cloud technologies, businesses can manoeuvre the pandemic with flexible and highly scalable cloud solutions. Employees are capable of working from anywhere, and the cloud infrastructure provides powerful business intelligence.

In this post, let’s explore how Cloud Telephony helped businesses through the pandemic.

Cloud Telephony- The Ideal Solution for all Business Challenges

“Every problem is a gift — without problems we would not grow.” – Anthony Robbins

Cloud telephony has emerged as the ideal solution to many business challenges, streamlining workflow and giving industries a position to continue operations effectively, while scaling up with new technologies.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony is the most amazing communication technology that compliments the demands of modern businesses in the past decade.

Let’s find out the many benefits that make Cloud Telephony the ideal solution that many businesses discovered during the pandemic.

-       Quick and easy system set up to get started

-       Minimal infrastructural changes reducing costs for SME’s and startups

-       Highly-scalable and easy to scale custom cloud solutions

-       Pay-as-you-go model to drive scalability and save costs

-       Reliable, robust and advanced computation capabilities

-       24/7 accessibility remotely

-       Highly flexible applications like CRM integration

-       Real time updates and detailed data analytics

-       Professional IVR automation technologies

-       Increased credibility for businesses of all sizes

-       Productivity increases and costs are minimized across varying levels of an organization

-       Remote work and higher employee efficiency

Cloud telephony unlocked the potential of many SME’s who managed to scale up their operations during the pandemic, thus providing an economic foothold for new businesses.

Cloud Telephony – The Survival Strategy During a Global Pandemic

The main reasons why many businesses opt for cloud telephony are the ease of access, secure collaboration and remote flexibility that cloud based communication offers. During the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses adopted cloud-based technologies to scale up and continue effective operations across numerous industries.

Key factors of implementing Cloud telephony

1.     Never Miss Customer Calls

The biggest challenge for companies was the remote work shift, where maintaining client relations required a reliable framework. With Cloud telephony, intelligent call routing, remote access and IVR integration ensured that every customer query was attended and resolved on time.

2.     Delivering Best Customer Services

By moving to a scalable, secure and reliable cloud communication service, companies can continue to deliver top-notch customer services. A virtual receptionist, AI-powered agents and personalized greetings created wonderful customer experiences for callers. With Cloud calling solutions, customers could resolve their queries in just one call, or update their information through an automated IVR system at their convenient time.

3.     Call Recordings

Another major advantage of Cloud Telephony is the Call Recording feature which stores all communications in secure, centralized database. Businesses can assess the quality of their operations by studying these calls and implement strategies to improve their performance over time.

4.     Instant Meetings

Ensuring that every employee across numerous verticals in the organization are available, creates a more collaborative and productive environment. With Cloud Telephony, businesses can host large meetings instantly with a prior notification as part of the workday routine. Hence, team leaders can communicate with their colleagues and draft immediate resolutions to challenges faced.

5.     Continuity of Business

Businesses continued to offer exceptional services and operate efficiently using Cloud Integrated Communication Solutions. With remote access and flexible timings, companies can manage their employees efficiently and maintain healthy client relations. Cloud Telephony empowers a team to collaborate seamlessly from different locations and during the pandemic, this was a driving factor for business continuity.

6.     Reliable & Secure

The biggest advantage of Cloud Telephony is its reliability in terms of meeting the growing business demands. You pay only for what you use, and as your business grows, cloud solutions offer diverse and practical ways to scale up. Secure applications make work easier and reaching varying levels of the organization is more reliable with cloud telephony. With high-security, the business data is stored safely and companies can track agent activities to avoid compliance issues.

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Cloud Telephony solutions like IVR, Click2Call, Audio Conferencing, Bulk SMS and RoboCall are just the beginning to a long list of cloud solutions to improve business efficiency. By keeping your small or medium business running during the COVID-19 situation, cloud technologies can unlock numerous data-driven advantages for your business intelligence.

Surely, Cloud Telephony is a technology that your business needs to match the rising demands of the modern ecosystem. Ikontel offers tailored cloud solutions to match the demands of your business and its growth.

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