How Audio conference solution is beneficial for agriculture industries

In rural regions, poor network, the lack of knowledge or access to resources poses as a problem to overall industry functions. Since a vast majority of India comes from the Agriculture sector, there is a need for a robust communication system. That’s where audio conferencing is a highly scalable, purposeful and effective communication solution.

In this post, we’re going to cover how Audio conference solutions are beneficial for agriculture industries.

Problems faced by rural businesses

The agricultural sector is a scientific industry, and is responsible for the cultivation of land for raising crops, feed, livestock and much more. Amidst the technological boom, the agriculture industry in rural areas can also benefit from technology. Farmers have a lot of knowledge about the land and effective communication systems are necessary to share this knowledge to create innovative solutions. One such technology tool is an audio conferencing solution.

Before we dive into the benefits of cloud telephony and audio conferencing, let’s explore some challenges faced in the rural businesses.

-       Farmers, especially in rural areas are not easily accessible

-       Expenses of frequently travelling to rural areas for advice are high

-       Navigating away from farms to cities is time-consuming

There are various limitations stemming from the lack of an efficient communication system. However, we can broadly classify them into access, time and money. Amidst the busy work-life cycle of agricultural industries farmers also face many struggles.

Struggles faced by farmers

-       Lack of access to technology in rural areas

-       Communication barrier due to language, society and culture

-       Limited local resources to employ

-       Travelling to towns, cities, events are costly and time-consuming

Most of these challenges can be solved. Fortunately, audio conferencing solutions are a viable option that agricultural industries and local farmers can employ. Let’s find out how and why.

Benefits of audio conferencing solutions for agricultural industries

1.     Cost effective

Farmers can provide the same services at better rates, which increase the demand for their goods. They can use audio conferencing solutions to create a network anywhere in the world, which is timely and cost-effective.

2.     Personal health

By eliminating the need for travel, farmers can spend more of their earnings on personal health and well-being. Audio conferencing solutions offer increased connectivity to healthcare experts, hospitals, local medical staff, outpatient care and support. They can utilize resources spent on travel to improve their quality of life.

3.     Global reach

Obviously, the best audio conferencing solution from iKontel is a virtual collaboration tool without any geographical boundaries. Farmers with a lot of crop or livestock can establish inter-state, international and global ties for their supply chain. Multiple stakeholders can come together in large numbers to address any concern over audio conferences. This may include farmers, rural traders, agronomists, agricultural industries, logistics partners, processing factories, etc.

4.     Increased business opportunity

With a secure audio conferencing solution, farmers gain access to more business opportunities from different parts of the country or the world. By broadening their name and brand, they can emerge and expand their services to other areas, while combining with other rural traders to create more opportunities.

With iKontel’s video conferencing solutions, numerous groups and individuals came come together in large numbers to communicate and further their ties. With intelligent admin controls, the conversations can be monitored and administered effectively. Additionally, this form of cloud telephony is extremely efficient even in low network areas.

5.     Saving time

Farmers don’t have to travel, or take time off work to make important meetings related to their occupation. Agricultural industries can manage all their partners and clients over a conference call. At the same time, the clients also don’t have to spend hours travelling when the logistics and supply can be organized over a single audio conferencing solution. This saves time on operations, while increasing the availability to share knowledge and resources across regions.

6.     Personalized services

Sometimes audio conferencing solutions can be used to continuously motivate and engage with clients. Constant communication pathways lead to more involvement from all parties. That’s how farmers and agricultural industries can market their product to various investors and businesses without incurring many expenses.

7.     Education & training

Audio conferencing solutions by iKontel can be used to train and educate large number of people. In rural areas, if the network connectivity is low, the best audio conferencing solution will still perform well. That’s because the smart technology is built to handle large number of attendees over long distances or short distances easily. This means farmers can share their knowledge, companies and businesses can train rural populations, governments can conduct campaigns and the youth gain more access to the knowledge of their land and occupational opportunities.

Among the many benefits, iKontel offers the best audio conferencing solutions in India, with special focus on accessibility, user-friendliness, affordability and security. You can get a custom audio conferencing solution for your business or personal use by consulting our experts. Our team is always glad to help you scale up and audio conferencing solutions are a winning strategy to incorporate modern technology.