Voice Bot

Voice bots are AI powered software that allow callers to navigate an IVRS using their voice. Enabling caller convenience and automated communication is a key feature of Voice Bot technology.

Get the best voice bot solutions from iKonTel 

Have you ever wondered how Call Centres handle millions of calls seamlessly with high performance rate? The answer is Voicebot that can work effortlessly simplify the entire customer operation ecosystem and respond to your customer faster and accurately. IKonTel is a team of industry experts in the world of voice bot and motivated by AIML and NLP. Being the best Voice Bot Service Provider in India, we have helped numerous companies including bank, agriculture, retail, utilities to name a few. 

As a voicebot service provider, we love to offer superior voice conversational ai with our latest ALML technology, so that you get the best performance and reduce the operational cost substantially. The best part of our voice bot solutions is; we have developed everything in-house. On top of it, we have a team of IITians who have developed voicebot from which all of our clients have immensely benefited. Each client’s requirement is unique; hence we offer customized voice bot solutions. With high performance rate and 95 percent client retention, we can proudly say, iKonTel is the best voice bot company in India.  

Significance of Voicebot solutions 

Voice Bots have several valuable applications that can help all major industries, however, the main purpose of voicebot is to automate customer interactions and business communications.

Let’s understand how voice bot helps an organization

  • Schedule in-person meetings using Voice Assistant
  • Update customer data easily
  • Conduct automated lead-generation campaigns
  • Collect smart market data effectively
  • Collect and update the status of applications
  • Updated top-of-the-funnel marketing calls
  • Reminders, alerts & personalized interactions
  • Scale up your business database with automated data records
  • Streamline incoming calls
  • Instant response to customers’ queries
  • Voice bot and human work in tandem for a seamless customer support
  • Reduce call agent workload
  • Provide personalized responses to specific queries
  • Easily interacts with NLP to understand customer intent
  • Smart enough to understand customers’ emotion 

Key benefits of Voicebot solutions 

·       Reduce operational cost

·       Sentiment & intent analysis

·       Personalized and contextual conversations

·       Seamless transfer to a Human Agent for complex queries

·       Scale-up business processes

·       Enhances user experience

·       Increases customer service capabilities

·       Increased Efficiency

·       Greater Reach

·       Better Authentication

·       Fraud Detection

·       Voice activated transactions

·       Improve Accuracy and precision

·       No Language Barriers

·       Faster Response time 

Voicebot Use cases


Automate loan collection with a Humanized Collections Bot


Register a claim through voice bot, by calling dedicated helpline number from the accident spot and choose the relevant option on the IVR to get connected to the voice bot


Eradicate Language barriers and boost governance by making it simpler for citizens to access services and register grievance


Automate patients’ appointment booking and other healthcare related process through Voicebot

Customer Care

Value Addition to Call Centres for handling initial call flows for filtration of leads


Automate Tele-Verification Process through Voicebot by asking multiple questions required for application verification

Get a customized VoiceBot Solution From iKonTel

What makes Voice Bots extremely useful for businesses is their personalization. The AI powered software can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any business enterprise. With automated natural language processing, Voice Bots can be designed in various languages and for top-notch industry functions.

You can get a custom Voice Bot that can showcase your brand image in the best way possible. 

Customers can interact with your business through a simulation that is robust, responsive and smart. Implementing a personalized experience for customers is easier using Voice Bots. Besides, marketing automation and data collection is scaled up using AI & ML algorithms to track, record and repurpose business data. 

Being one of the top-notch Ai voice Bot companies in India, iKonTel has expertise in offering customized & result-driven Voice Bot solutions. Having said that we develop a complete ecosystem, roadmap, journey building and develop a solution to meet your unique business requirements. Just specify your requirements and our team of engineers will use the latest technology and framework to build an intelligent Voice Bot that matches your business needs.

Industry we cater

·       Bank

·       BFSI

·       Agriculture

·       Healthcare

·       Utilities

·       Grievance

·       Service centre

·       Travel portal/Agency

·       Logistics/Courier

·       OTT

·       E-commerce

·       Automobile

Why choose iKonTel Voicebot Solutions 

iKonTel voicebot solutions has Top features like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), Language detection, Sentiment & intent analysis which makes it more efficient engaging in complex conversations and is capable of Language Switching as per customers’ convenience. IKonTel sends Millions of BOT daily which can be Integrated Easily eventually at an affordable price by reducing Operational Costs significantly.


·       Automatic speech recognition

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to process human speech into readable text which can be used to automate customer interactions and business communications


·       Omnichannel-Capabilities

It allows organisations to communicate with their customers through multiple channels and touchpoints such as Phone Calls, Email, Voicebot, SMS, IVR, WhatsApp and Social Media


·       Contextual-Conversations

It helps to start the conversation with previously known facts to make the conversation more effective, relevant, natural, personalized, and to create engaging experience for the users


·       Multi-language Support

It extends the customer support experience to people who don't speak most common languages like English and Hindi and are more comfortable conversing in their own regional language.


·       NLP-Engine

It enables systems to understand both written and spoken unstructured human language to analyse and derive meaning from it to respond adequately which helps to get insights.


·       Our own CRM

We have our own inhouse developed CRM which is integrated with Voicebot to enhance Customer communication through multiple channels


·       Customer Sentiment Recognition

Automatic detection of emotions can be done when customers interact with Voicebot to understand and analysis how they feel and this sentiment data can be used for further communications


·       Flexible-deployment

Our system is cloud based and can be deployed remotely which has flexibility to be designed according to everyone's need


·       Text-to-speech

We use Text-to-Speech technology which helps to convert text into natural sounding speech to deliver a human‑like personalized customer experience


·       Live agent in loop

We have capabilities to transfer Voicebot calls to Live Agent seamlessly


·       Hybrid communication 

A Hybrid communication model is also possible where Voicebot and Human agent both get the opportunity to communicate with the customer

Voice Bot
Some of the important features

Facilitate Uninterrupted Live Communication

Customer Services Available 24/7

Save Time and Costs on Operations

Minimize People-to-People Interactions for General Customer Queries

Eliminate Tedious and Repetitive Time-Consuming Tasks

Offer Customers a Smoother Journey

Reduce Stress for Customers

Encourage Self-Service for Customer Resolutions

Provide Quick and Organized Solutions

Reduced TAT in Customer Resolution

Multilingual (13+ Language & adding…) Support

Enhance Security through Voice Authentication

Seamless Information collection

Customizable in Nature

Multi Device Support

Clear and Natural Language Conversations

Our Locations

IKONTEL is a leading Cloud Telephony Service Provider with HQ in Bangalore but having offices across India like Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Varanasi, Kolkata, Ranchi and also having presence in Jaipur, Amritsar, New Delhi through outreach partners.



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