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Voice bots are AI powered software that allow callers to navigate an IVRS using their voice. Enabling caller convenience and automated communication is a key feature of Voice Bot technology.

Voice Bot Solutions

Voice Bots are artificial intelligence (AI) powered software that enable callers to navigate an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system using their voice, typically by means of natural language processing. 

Callers do not have to listen to a list of menus and click on numbers, rather speak directly to the IVR through a simplified simulation of a live operator interaction.

Being conversational in nature, a voicebot goes beyond just understanding words. A voicebot’s duty is to understand what the customer wants and to guide them with the best response. The AI-powered software is smart and responsive, using machine learning (ML) to continuously improve itself. Thereby, voicebots can be fine tuned to automate exceptional customer services.

Voice Bots make it easier for multitasking, where multiple customer inquiries can be solved in a single call - like changing customer address and adding a third party to an account at the same time. 

How to use Custom Voice Bot technology

Voice Bots have many useful applications in numerous industries across diverse business verticals. Notably, the main function of Voice Bots are to automate customer interactions and business communications.

Here are a few industry applications:

  • Schedule in-person meetings using Voice Assistant
  • Update customer data easily
  • Conduct automated lead generation campaigns
  • Collect smart market data effectively
  • Collect and update the status of applications
  • Updated top-of-the-funnel marketing calls
  • Reminders, alerts & personalized interactions
  • Scale up your business database with automated data records

Get a customized VoiceBot Solution From iKonTel

What makes Voice Bots extremely useful for businesses is their personalization. The AI powered software can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any business enterprise. With automated natural language processing, Voice Bots can be designed in various languages and for top-notch industry functions.

You can get a custom Voice Bot that can showcase your brand image in the best way possible. 

Customers can interact with your business through a simulation that is robust, responsive and smart. Implementing a personalized experience for customers is easier using Voice Bots. Besides, marketing automation and data collection is scaled up using AI & ML algorithms to track, record and repurpose business data. 

Get your custom Voice Bot, designed for your unique business requirements from iKontel. 

Just specify your requirements and our team of engineers will use the latest technology and framework to build an intelligent Voice Bot that matches your business needs.

Voice Bot
Some of the important features

Facilitate Uninterrupted Live Communication

Customer Services Available 24/7

Save Time and Costs on Operations

Minimize People-to-People Interactions for General Customer Queries

Eliminate Tedious and Repetitive Time-Consuming Tasks

Offer Customers a Smoother Journey

Reduce Stress for Customers

Encourage Self-Service for Customer Resolutions

Provide Quick and Organized Solutions

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