We provide Bulk SMS, transactional SMS, OTP SMS fallback to voice call. SMS is one of the powerful, immediate, cost effective and measurable marketing channels.

SMS Gateway service provider in India

We provide Bulk SMS, transactional SMS, OTP SMS, SMS alerts and a callback option to voice call. SMS is one of the powerful, immediate, cost effective and measurable marketing channels. The use of SMS marketing is rampant in every industry because of easy integration, dedicated gateway and highly feasible properties.

We ensure 100% that the SMS hits the telecom network to generate leads for your business. We have a highly scalable and ready cloud infrastructure to send millions of transactional SMS everyday. We provide standard REST APIs to send SMS and monitor real time delivery status of each SMS. A dedicated and customized portal and excellent support to customers ensures seamless functionality and maximum reach.

Increase and optimize your business with SMS gateway services.

What is Bulk SMS marketing?

Send automated custom messages to numerous customers at once, using Bulk SMS marketing strategies. With Bulk SMS, a company can reach more people in the shortest time to generate leads and communicate with the market. Bulk SMS can be used to notify customers about business promotions, product launches, confirmations, alerts and much more.

Transactional SMS

A dedicated SMS gateway to notify your customers about their interactions with your business. Transactional SMS may include order confirmations, delivery status notifications, payment notices and more.

Promotional SMS

A promotional SMS allows companies to send out bulk SMS to targeted customers about products, services, promotions. You can use Bulk SMS for promotional purposes like discounts, contests, offers and much more.

OTP SMS & SMS alerts

An OTP is used for customers to securely verify and reach customers interacting with their products or services. A dedicated SMS gateway offers automated alerts and OTP generation to improve your business communications.

Benefits of SMS Gateway services

Secure SMS Api

Advanced features and secure gateway makes iKontel SMS gateway services robust and secure for bulk sms management and delivery. You can track all your SMS interactions and maintain a healthy market balance.

Dedicated SMS Gateway

One of the many advantages of a dedicated SMS gateway is the ability to reach a vast chunk of the market in the shortest while. You can manage, deliver, automate and collect customer data in a centralized SMS gateway for increased efficiency.

High ROI

Generate more leads and conversions using Bulk SMS marketing which returns a high ROI. Save time, costs and resources when interacting with your customers and prospects.

More engagement

SMS can reach more people at once, meaning that the open-rate for each SMS will be higher as people get to know about your business and how effectively you communicate with the market.

Track, record and log

A centralized database can be used to track customer interactions, record customer data and log each delivery and response on a centralized SMS Api. 

Fast delivery

Bulk SMS marketing ensures faster delivery to numerous contacts at once. This feasibility is employed by small, medium and large businesses across every industry.

Customized SMS

Spread your message with custom SMS solutions, personalized to reach your contact in the best way possible. 

SMS gateway industry applications

Do you want to reach millions of people at once?

Get a dedicated SMS gateway.

An SMS gateway is a secure platform to send, receive and manage all your SMS communications in one place. Bulk SMS can promote your brand and engage directly with customers. You can reach millions of people at once with a personalized message.

Get your own SMS gateway and,

  • Automate your business communications with transactional SMS
  • Market your brand via bulk SMS
  • Sell the offers of your business
  • Send personalized messages to customers
  • Get people to interact with your business
  • Reach millions of people easily

High-scalability and instant results

A dedicated SMS gateway offers high-scalability to reach a vast portion of the market in the shortest time.

Ikontel offers a dedicated SMS Gateway for business communications. The secure gateway can be incorporated in your existing business infrastructure. For enhanced communications, you can keep your customers in the loop with automated SMS. The open-rate of people reading your SMS is higher than any other form of communication. This means, your business is setting up for instant growth with dedicated SMS services.

Scale up your business communications at the click of a button.

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Get your own SMS gateway for bulk SMS, transactional SMS, Automated SMS, promotional SMS, OTP SMS and much more.

Some of the important features

Manage bulk SMS campaigns

Convey more with SMS attachments

Real-time data and live reports

Increased mobile engagement

Manage all your SMS in one place

Become enterprise-ready with Whatsapp integration

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