Mistakes that you must avoid while running Bulk SMS campaigns

The single goal for every business is to make profits. The sole intention of running a bulk SMS campaign is to reach or attract more people; who probably turn into future customers.


SMS (short message service) is the fastest & cheapest way to communicate with your customers. It enhances customer service level, in less time it can transmit the message to your customers irrespective of location. While sending Promotional SMS you need to be careful with the subject, language & message. Bulk SMS marketing is the most effective tool to enrich your advertising plans & add more value to them. 

Have you ever analysed the failure of your SMS campaign?

If your answer is yes then you must have adopted the wrong strategy for your SMS marketing. 


The strategy should be appropriate. so that it can increase your sales productivity, boost revenue and establish connections with your users. However, to overcome this problem we have added some solutions to each mistake that will help you to plan a better strategy for your SMS campaign.

Know Your Audience

Before doing SMS campaigns you should research properly about your potential audience. The chances are high that your bulk SMS campaigns will have a greater impact on your audience.


 A well-researched strategy can give you the potential list of viewers to plan how to drive goals, set objectives and execute to give better results.


The result will be impactful for marketers when they are aware of their customer’s requirements, behaviours & buying patterns. 


To make your campaign effective, start examining your audience by focusing on demographics such as age, gender, lifestyle preference & pain points. The most important part is segmenting your audience into relevant groups and designing effective message templates for each of them. 

Not including CTA

CTA stands for call to action, as we know that 90% of SMS are read within 3 minutes of delivery. It is important to attract the attention of the customers toward the purpose of the message. Call to action is the most effective way for an SMS campaign. It can be a text, link, or phone number that motivates them to read the message again. You can share discounts, offers, deals & links in the message. The most common examples visit us today, buy now, call now etc. If this information is missing then the SMS may fail to deliver the purpose.  


So, while sending an SMS campaign don’t forget to include a call to action to make it more professional. 

Choose the correct time to send an SMS

Time matters to everyone and the most in SMS. Customers will feel annoyed if the message reaches them at odd hours. So, choose a time period to send SMS if you want to engage with them. While sending a promotional SMS don’t get excited to send in the early hours. Avoid sending bulk messages during holidays or weekends as it can lead to a high unsubscribe rate. While sending SMS make sure it is convenient for your target audience.

Not sending quality messages

The most common mistake business make is that they send too many messages to their customers. They think if they send too many SMS, they can achieve their goal. In that case, they were found to be wrong. If you are focused on the quantity then the quality gets compromised. Customers will get frustrated if we send SMS repetitively & might block the number. 


Hence, quality should not be compromised. In order to retain the customers and make them loyal towards our brand, quality messages should be sent to them.

Partner with the wrong Bulk SMS provider

While choosing a technology partner you need to be very careful about it. You should choose a bulk SMS solution provider based on your requirements. They can offer you technology, support and assistance for successful text marketing campaigns. 

But most people failed to do so, they got trapped by the fake SMS service provider and became dissatisfied with their service. So, it is crucial to choose a reliable and smart bulk SMS service provider. 

Things to consider while choosing a reliable bulk SMS solution provider is their good customer support, reasonable price, rating & reviews etc. 

Final Words

Choose an organization like IKonTel which offers reliable service to customers. Our customers get 24*7 support from the sales & support teams. 

Common mistakes can be avoided by paying attention to the small details of SMS campaigns, like message content. IkonTel wants to build a mutually rewarding relationship with its clients. Try our Bulk SMS service and take your business to the next level.