SMS marketing is a popular tool used for sales and conversions. In fact, more companies are using SMS as a viable mode to interact with the market. With the many advantages of an SMS gateway, businesses can scale up their communications and kickstart large campaigns that cover a vast share of the market.

In this blog, we’re going to cover 5 use cases of SMS marketing for sales. But before we jump right in, here are some statistics that show how effective SMS marketing is for business promotions

A 2021 study from January about the effectiveness of SMS marketing revealed the following impressions.

  • 82% of users keep their notifications turned on for SMS messages and alerts
  • 95% of texts received from businesses are read within just 3 minutes of being sent
  • The average reaction time for a text message is 60X times faster than an email
  • The average SMS campaign conversion rate is recorded at 45%

If you are planning on business promotions using SMS, there is no better time than when most of the world has access to a mobile phone. Let’s explore 5 popular use cases of SMS marketing in sales and promotion.

1. Celebrating national holidays

Many companies use SMS campaigns during national holidays to inspire a sense of unity among the customers. With customized messages, their business offering is pitched to customers during the holiday vibe. This increases the credibility among local users who feel involved in the operations of a company. Often a good way to pitch a new service or offer is during the holiday, where more people are likelier to take action and respond to the attractive SMS offering instantly.

2. Social media engagement

Social media is a tool extensively employed by small, medium and large businesses around the world. The engagement on social media is a critical part of a company’s branding and image. Using SMS marketing to link back to social media channels creates a cheerful atmosphere among the customers. People who see the social aspect of your brand are likelier to interact with your services online. The social media engagement driven from SMS’s can drastically improve the overall position of your brand in the market. When more people engage with your business, the more chances are for sales to increase from social media leads.

3. Order confirmations

Order confirmations are a necessary aspect of your business communicators. Using a dedicated SMS gateway, order confirmations can be automated and sent to recipients. This form of communication keeps the customer centric approach of your business in tact. SMS marketing is used extensively for notifying customers of their progress with your business.

4. Service updates

By keeping customers in the loop, your business grows with the rising demands of your market. Service updates are a common feature used in SMS marketing, to engage with customers on a large scale. A single service update can be sent as a personalized message to millions of people in the market, urging them to try or continue exploring your business offerings.

5. Reminders and alerts

Reminders are a great way to skyrocket the sales of your business. Especially in service oriented businesses where bookings and appointments are made, a reminder to your customer can improve your overall credibility. With SMS marketing, you are sending out a personalized message that appeals to the customers intent to work with your business and it’s services. Alerts and reminders are a common use case for SMS marketing is various industries like travel, hospitality, public relations, retail, automotive and much more.

There are many other SMS marketing advantages and use cases for business sales and growth. In this article we’ve covered 5 popular ones. If you found this useful, stay tuned for more information. If you want to acquire your own dedicated SMS gateway to grow your business, iKontel is a premium SMS gateway service provider with a strong industry presence that can benefit your business instantly.