How cloud telephony with CRM integration is beneficial for your business

The main benefit of cloud telephony solutions is that people experience increased flexibility at work. Agents can operate remotely and cloud telephony fosters a productive remote workforce. Apart from less data loss and accurate information logs, cloud telephony with CRM integration speeds up processes for higher employee efficiency.

As technology tools are increasingly used by businesses, cloud telephony with CRM integration is gaining popularity for many reasons. Let’s find out how cloud telephony with CRM integration is beneficial for your business.

1.     Minimum human intervention

Cloud telephony with CRM integration leads to efficient information management, which enables better customer services for companies. Combining the power of cloud telephony with data, CRM integration arms businesses with powerful intelligence. Through valuable insights into the operational efficiency of a business, cloud telephony with CRM integration requires minimum human intervention.

2.     Track multiple sources

Some events aren’t always directly recorded on CRM, like text messages, dialogues, social media posts, comments, etc. The cloud telephony with CRM integration offers many tools to track information from multiple sources. Once the information is made available in one place, companies can analyze it for effective results.

3.      Cross-use Analytics

Business analytics differ from CRM and cloud telephony service providers. It also depends on what type of business intelligence your company requires. However, using cloud telephony with CRM integration has many benefits for cross-use analytics. This means that you can know more information about your customers and compare data for improved efficiency. For example, you can cross-analyze social media interaction, browser use, contact information, responsiveness to emails and calls, etc. This improves the overall customer interaction process.

4.     Customization

Using any CRM of your choice, you can integrate it with your cloud telephony service provider. Ikontel offers highly customizable and flexible cloud telephony solutions for high-performance and scalability. Whether you want to use Salesforce or Hubspot, or any other CRM, it can be integrated with your custom cloud telephony solution. For example, you can integrate CRM with IVR, or perform skill based routing for better customer experiences. Information is everything and customized cloud telephony with CRM integration is a powerful information management system.

5.     Data Analysis

Customers expect immediate resolutions. The best way to fulfil customer demands is to understand their concern fully. This can be done by analyzing the data from your CRM. When combined with cloud telephony services, businesses can provide better resolutions to queries. You can utilize customer records and past interactions to provide personalized experiences. You can study the overall call volume to deploy the cloud telephony solutions effectively. You can automate data collection for marketing campaigns. You can even set up a cloud contact centre to automate call handling across departments.

Clearly, cloud telephony with CRM integration is the future of customer service and contact centre operations. Business experience improved agility and flexibility with a complete cloud telephony solution. To know more about cloud telephony with CRM integration, and the many capabilities of this technology, contact us. iKontel is to streamline your business with cloud telephony solutions.