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Cloud Telephony during Pandemic

How Cloud telephony helped businesses during the pandemic

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Importance of Cloud Telephony on Businesses During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic was a big threat to not just lives, but businesses and livelihoods. While the first wave of COVID-19 threatened the existence of SMEs, the second wave is taking a toll on businesses everywhere. Amidst the challenges, many businesses were in search for solutions to curb the negative impacts of this disease outbreak.

The flexibility of cloud telephony is the ideal solution for maintaining businesses and navigating through the many challenges. Thankfully, with cloud technologies, businesses can maneuver the pandemic with flexible and highly scalable cloud solutions. Employees are capable of working from anywhere, and the cloud infrastructure provides powerful business intelligence.

-       Quick and easy system set up to get started

-       Minimal infrastructural changes reducing costs for SME’s and startups

-       Highly-scalable and easy to scale custom cloud solutions

-       Pay-as-you-go model to drive scalability and save costs

-       Reliable, robust and advanced computation capabilities

-       24/7 accessibility remotely

-       Highly flexible applications like CRM integration