How does HR voice bot help the recruitment process of an organization?


Companies spend a lot of resources in the hiring process. On average, it takes up to 7 days of an HR executive's time and costs to land one qualified employee. The costs may differ from company to company, but these numbers are not small.


While people are entitled to making creative decisions based on moral grounds and their intuitive thinking, machines are slowly catching up to the demands of modern businesses. What if you could land an employee on 1/10th of the cost using an HR voice bot? That’s right. An HR voice bot can help automate the strenuous task of interacting with thousands of applicants, screening their profiles, filtering the resumes, and finally setting up various rounds with the ideal candidates.


An HR voice bot is an ideal solution that can save time, money, and stress by automating various recruitment functions of your company. Ikontel develops voice bots and high-end technology to automate business communications and various processes. In this article, let’s explore how your company may benefit from using an HR voice bot.


1. Lowered costs in hiring


The laborious process of hiring recruits, especially in large organizations can be streamlined using an intelligent voice bot. The voice bot can collect information on your behalf and direct applicants to perform certain functions like uploading their resume or send across their documents to a designated email id. This saves tonnes of money and time in the hiring process that usually involves direct interactions and conversations about each detail involved in the process.


When an HR voice bot can automate the applicant data collection, the cost incurred on the organization is much lower.


2. Shortlisting candidates


A structured manner to collect applicant data streamlines the hiring process by far. This means that HR executives don’t have to conduct separate assessments for each candidate since the voice bot does direct applicants on the furthering procedures. When the application process is streamlined, HR executives can simply verify the results and track the applications that have come through. This filtration of the applicants improves the overall efficiency of the hiring process.


As opposed to maintaining multiple records of applicants, the HR voice bot can centralize all applicant data and process applications based on merit and the organization's requirements.


3. Accuracy


The accuracy of hiring based on skills, assessment scores, grades, and experience is higher when using artificial intelligence. An HR Voice bot makes precise decisions that are unbiased and dependent on data analytics. With a clear-cut view of the applicant information, the bot uses AI algorithms to segregate data and present it to the HR executives of the organization. With maximum accuracy, many human errors are avoided. Also, the strenuous process of data collection and assessment may be hectic for people to handle throughout their day. An HR voice bot does not experience fatigue, and thus makes consistent decisions accurately.


In an increasingly data-driven business setting, when the hiring process is based on accurate data, the CTC of your organization is reduced in the long run. Accurate decisions land the ideal candidates for the job, who are likelier to fit into the culture of your organization.

4. Efficiency


Usually, HR rounds include multiple follows ups and numerous documentation rounds. Followed by the documentation, there exists a long chain of command that applicants must appeal to before getting hired. With an efficient AI-powered HR voice bot, the company’s efficiency in hiring is higher. The machine can even be programmed for follow-up calls and feedback calls with automated responses recorded for analysis. The interview can also be conducted using an HR voice bot that streamlines the hiring process.


While people are the final decision-makers, the efficiency enabled by HR voice bots is far supreme. The load on HR employees is far less when an intelligent system is in place to perform tasks and automate various processes. People can focus on the humane aspects of recruitment while the voice bot handles repetitive and laborious tasks.


With advancements in AI, you might be wondering how to get your custom voice bot that boosts your overall company’s infrastructure. Voice bots are used for numerous functions in various companies across diverse business verticals. Ikontel designs and develops custom voice bots for business purposes. You can get your voice bot and witness the transformation of technology for business first-hand.