The tours and travel industry is a vast industry which caters to travellers' wish to travel to different places creating unforgettable experiences, and enabling them to discover new destinations. The services offered in this sector are travel guide, ticket process, accommodation and transportation etc.


But this industry has some drawbacks like a language barrier, a lengthy booking process, no live updates. To overcome these pain points AI voice assistants have taken their stand, as it helps in overcoming the drawbacks in a proper way and the customers with the help of voicebot do not face any sort of language barriers anymore. The lengthy booking process is streamlined to an easy process by the help of voicebot.

Let’s discuss some of the use cases of the tour and travel industry:


Tour Guide: Voice bot assists the traveller by guiding them and providing the details about the destination or any place they are visiting.


For example- when a traveller visits a historical place, the voice bot guides them from the starting to explaining all the details of the place.


Weather Updates: A traveller can ask about the weather forecast to voice bot to gather information about the temperature forecast so that they can plan the trip accordingly.


For example: While going for a hiking trip a traveller asks a voicebot about the temperature updates and the forecast so that they can prepare their baggage and plan the activity accordingly.


Bookings: Voicebot plays an important role for bookings in flight and hotel.                 


For example: If anyone plans for a vacation then the traveller needn't go through various sites for booking; rather they can ask the bots to guide them for the booking of flights and hotels nearby.


 Language Translation: voicebot as it enables natural language processing so it can translate any language and give the desired output.


For example: While visiting an outstation place like Vietnam, a traveller from India will definitely face a language barrier. But if he uses voice bot then the language will not be an issue.


Updates and Alerts: Voicebots helps in informing about the updates and alerts.


For example: If any change in time is done the information can be shared by voicebot so that the journey will be completely hassle free.


Trip Planning: The voice bot helps in suggesting the preferred hotels, accommodations according to the preference of the traveller.


For example- while going to any abroad destination, voice bot guide you through various options of accommodations and hotels as per the preferences given by the traveller.


Efficient trip organisation: Voice bot assists and guides you with the timely reminders, updates, flight timings etc.


For example- If one goes to the UAE, the voice bot is integrated with the calendar so that it gives us timely updates about the exact timing of flight, hotel check-ins, and any other activities scheduled.


Tips and recommendations: Voice bot gives tips and recommendations to the traveller about the preferred hotel as the traveller is new to the place and doesn't know what to eat and where to visit.significantly


For example: A traveller reaches Kenya but he gets confused about the dinning so he asks the voice bot to refer to some hotels nearby. The voicebot will definitely recommend the best option.


Currency conversion: Usually a traveller faces problems in currency conversion when reaching an outer station, but with the help of voice bot it becomes easy and smoother.


For example: A traveller reaches Dubal and wants to exchange the currency but usually it takes a long time , but when the traveller uses voice bot the process is easily done and the customer can enjoy the trip hasslefree.


Insurance Information: Voice bot easily helps the travellers with various insurance schemes.


For example: A traveller plans a trip, there comes a question about insurance. Not going through every website to know about the schemes and policy details. Simply need to ask the voice bot to know the details. It will give all the schemes available.


These are the 10 use cases for the tour and travel industry as to how the voice bot helps the industry as a whole. 

How iKonTel can travel aggregators and companies

Personalization is key to modern travel services and iKontel's voice bot solutions can cater to each traveller's unique preferences and needs. By leveraging advanced conversational AI, voice bots can analyse user data and behaviour to offer tailored recommendations and suggestions, ultimately delivering a more personalised and enjoyable travel experience for customers.


iKonTel's voice bot solutions can transform customer engagement in the travel industry by providing a convenient and interactive way for travellers to access information and services. With 24/7 availability, the AI bots can offer immediate assistance, answering queries and resolving issues at any time, which leads to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.By handling repetitive tasks such as booking inquiries and itinerary management, voice bots free up human agents to focus on more complex and personalised interactions