5 interactive ways IVR systems liberate businesses and the customers they serve

Overview of IVRS

IVRS stands for Integrated Voice Response System, which is the automated voice that you hear when you call the bank and punch in numbers until you get to speak with a representative. In most cases, you have noticed that IVRS can solve your query and offer immediate responses to your questions. Using AI and smart dial pad recognition, IVRS is popular in every industry across the world. However, in modern times, AI-powered IVRS has been revamped with speech-to-text recognition software that allows the IVRS to interact with people through speech services. Based on your query, the system can understand what you’re looking for and offer immediate resolutions. This has helped business of all sizes to streamline their client interactions, marketing, sales and business communications.

IVRS is a flexible solution that can be tailored to meet the specific demands of your business. Depending on your demands and the call volume expected, you can create a custom IVR system to address your business objectives. IVRS liberates businesses from strenuous workflow and resource exhaustion while offering customers wonderful experiences.

In this post, we’re going to cover 5 ways IVR systems are beneficial for businesses and the customers they serve.

1.     Self-service

By allowing self-service for customers, businesses can take a step forward and provide immediate resolutions to commonly asked questions. Additionally, a customer doesn’t have to wait for an agent to call them back, rather get the job done using an IVRS. Through intelligent call routing, if the customer does not receive the desired outcome, they can always connect to an agent and resolve their queries. However, self-service using IVRS can help in performing tasks like making secure payments, collecting customer data, automating customer service and much more with minimal human intervention.

2.     Handling large call volumes

Businesses with large call volumes may required a lot of resources to meet the rising customer demands. However, with an IVRS system most queries can be solved automatically, where dedicated agents are not required to be available for call at all times. Instead, the IVRS will use intelligent call routing only if the customer does not find a resolution. An added benefit of this process is that agents can focus on solving more complex customer queries while the AI-powered IVRS takes care of the most voluminous and frequent customer grievances or calls.

For a large or growing company, an IVRS can help in recruiting, marketing, outbound and inbound lead generation, sales automation and much more by handling large call volumes at the same time.

3.     Never miss out on a lead

Taking business enquiries for leads on a daily basis can be hectic for employees. Managing all the information can be an added task. Even more, ensuring that every customer call is answered may require a lot of resources. Using IVRS, all these complications can be reduced, because customers can directly enter information into the IVRS system and perform actions easily. Additionally, the IVRS can be used for outbound calls pitching a new service to existing customers. All the calls are recorded and can be monitored for a business to take the right decision. You can set up your IVRS 24/7 to ensure that every lead is one step closer to converting into a customer. If a call gets disconnected, you can always call the customer back and smooth talk them with your business acumen and customer service skills. If that doesn’t interest you, you can also automate the call-back with an IVRS to schedule a desired time for a conversation with a customer.

The level of personalization using IVRS has improved and thus become a powerful business machine for communication purposes.

4.     Collect feedback

Every customer wants to know that a company values their feedback. Using an IVRS system, feedback calls can be automated to collect valuable market data in the form of customer sentiment, complaints, wishes and other information. You can get a clear idea of how to implement the best strategy to meet the demands of your customers. IVRS also makes it easy to record data about the customer experience and make changes accordingly.

IVRS is used to collect feedback in the insurance industry, banking, travel, IT, FMCG, logistics and numerous other sectors. By reinforcing your customer relations, you can set up a custom IVR solution to streamline the hectic business processes and turn it into usable date.

5.     Boost business credibility

Another major impact of incorporating an intelligent IVRS solution into your business is the improved customer experiences. When customers have an easy way to get answers about your business, they will tend to refer your brand to others. Additionally, when you can provide instant solutions to common problems, the credibility of your business goes up.

With a custom IVRS for business communications, you can foster a wonderful relationship with your customers who know that their every concern is met with an adequate, timely and reliable solution. Thus IVRS can liberate business by saving time, costs and streamlining business processes, while offering customers seamless interactions and quick resolutions, products and services.

If you are a business looking to implement the latest IVRS technology and speech services, you are in the right place. Click here to get in touch with an expert from iKontel and customize your own IVR system. We want your business to grow and we offer solutions that make businesses better.