In this blog, we explore commonly asked questions related to sending business SMS.

What is an SMS gateway?

An SMS gateway is a secure network that is built to send, receive and manage bulk short message services (SMS). This can be done to or from a mobile telephone anywhere in the world via a telecommunications network or cloud telephony. SMS gateway facilitates and streamlines the SMS messaging process for business.

How does an SMS gateway work?

To send or receive text messages, an SMS gateway is connected to a mobile networking short message service centre. Reaching mobile subscribers across multiple networks is possible with a dedicated SMS gateway. An SMS gateway is used to reach mobile subscribers across multiple networks and different parts of the world using a centralized system. The system allows for numerous SMS to be sent and received using Bulk SMS features.

What are SMS gateway providers?

An SMS gateway provider is responsible for sending and receiving text message traffic to and from mobile networks to recipients. Ikontel is an SMS gateway provider that offers direct services and hybrid SMS API services for customers to reach more people in the shortest time.

What is the difference between a carrier direct service and hybrid service?

1. Carrier direct service

A direct gateway sends your SMS from your computer straight to an SMS recipient. This means, your message in India could be delivered directly to Airtel, Vi, Jio, BSNL or any other network from your computer. This type of connection is used for critical messaging like weather alerts, or cases like OTP generation and two-factor authentication. A carrier direct service requires the SMS gateway provider to make an agreement with the telecommunication networks to carry their messages without any complications.

2. Hybrid service

A hybrid SMS gateway is used to sent and receive messages in the cheapest route available. This implies that when you send an SMS, it may be sent to an international carrier and then redirected to a local SMS gateway carrier. Hence, hybrid services may cause delays in communications delivery times. However, hybrid SMS gateway is used for bulk SMS messaging that reaches more people in the shortest time frame. You can send over a million SMS texts to as many recipients for marketing campaigns or informal communications. Hybrid SMS services are cheaper than premium SMS gateway services.

Ikontel is a leading developer and provider of SMS gateway services. Depending on the client’s requirements, we offer a range of SMS gateway services that are used for business communications. SMS gateway is an effective tool to scale up business communications effectively and improve your business visibility. Click here to enquire about setting up your own SMS gateway.