Implementing Longcode SMS services provided by Ikontel Solution Pvt Ltd can greatly enhance customer satisfaction. One of the best things about using long codes is that there is very minimal setup time. In fact, our customer can get a long code number up and running within a few hours.

How long code SMS can improve customer satisfaction for gas service

Currently, many gas service providers face key challenges in their operations that negatively impact customer satisfaction. One challenge is the lack of efficient communication channels. Traditional methods such as phone calls or email may not always be reliable, leading to delays in addressing customer queries or concerns. This can frustrate customers who need immediate assistance or information regarding their gas service.

Monitor communication channels

Strong communication leads to improved customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, but there are often challenges with communication at both the customer and company levels.

Identifying and prioritizing Customer problems

Think of the basics of a strategy:

Understand customer needs

Measure the right channel

Identify the root cause of challenges and opportunities to improve

Most importantly, take action

The lack of real-time updates and transparency is a common problem. Customers may not have access to timely information about service disruptions, scheduled maintenance, or meter readings. This lack of visibility can leave customers feeling uninformed and disconnected from their gas service provider, which in turn affects their overall satisfaction.

By acknowledging this problem, gas service providers can work towards improving their communication channels and providing more transparent and up-to-date information to their customers. This can help customers stay informed about any potential disruptions or maintenance activities and create a sense of trust and satisfaction with the gas service provider.

How iKonTel helps the gas industry improve customer satisfaction 

Implementing long code SMS services provided by iKonTel can greatly enhance customer satisfaction. One of the best things about using long codes is that there is very minimal setup time. In fact, our customers can get a long code number up and running within a few hours.

Unified Communication

Long codes allow your company to use the same 10-digit number for both SMS messages and phone calls. This establishes a consistent channel for all customer communication, making it easier for customers to remember and reach out to you.

Personalized Customer Experience

Messages sent from a standard 10-digit long code number create a more personal and human-like interaction.

1-on-1 Customer Communication

Long codes are perfect for establishing direct, one-on-one communication with the customers via SMS. This enables personalized conversations, where customers can ask questions, make inquiries, or provide feedback in a convenient and familiar manner

SMS Customer Service

Long codes are highly effective for providing customer service through SMS. Customers can reach out to you with their queries, concerns, or requests, and your team can respond promptly and assist them in a personalized manner. This enhances customer satisfaction by offering quick and convenient support.

Internal Staff Communication

Long codes can also be used to set up a texting network for your internal staff. This facilitates seamless communication among team members, enabling efficient collaboration, updates, and coordination within your organization.

Consistent Number Across Channels

Using a long code ensures consistency in your contact number across all communication channels, including SMS and voice calls. This consistency makes it easier for customers to recognize and contact your business, fostering trust and reliability.


1. Scenario one (Consumer alerting for a gas leakage) - Hi Gas leakage detected at your premises. Evacuate immediately. Contact emergency services and gas providers for assistance. Stay safe.

2.Scenario two (Cylinder gas theft - Mr. Ranjit to register your Complain for Gas delivery received with 3kg missing Provide detailed information for the investigation. Thank you for your cooperation.

3. Scenario three (Gas cylinder filled with water) - Attention: Gas cylinder inspection. We found water inside your cylinder. Please contact us urgently for immediate replacement. Your safety is our priority. Thank you


By leveraging iKonTel's Longcode SMS services, gas service providers can enhance their communication capabilities, provide timely updates to customers, and offer personalized assistance. These improvements lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust in the gas service provider.