Benefits of using the masked contact number

Customer privacy

Anonymous calls and client data privacy is extremely important for all businesses. Number masking solutions will help you protect customer contact details with ease. Moreover, the solutions providers are governed by privacy guidelines for the highest degree of client data security.

Better monetary benefits

Connecting two parties through an efficient number masking process is cheaper. You can avoid all off-platform transactions and interactions with the help of number masking.

Call tracking and monitoring

You can record, track and monitor all calls established through the masked contact number service. Real-time access to call details can be achieved easily.

Customer experience

Customer experience is enhanced and trust factor grows due to masked number services. Brands that offer number masking will attract more leads and eventually establish higher sales.

Control communication

Business owners can control communication between an employee and clients by using masked numbers.

Eliminate operators

The traditional job done by an operator to connect two parties can be eliminated through the automatic routing and secure communication channels.

More marketing

Customers that experience your secure communication channel will help promote your brand further. 

Who needs number masking solutions?

Number masking is used by a wide variety of brands that offer a platform to connect a service provider and a customer. Right from food delivery application to online healthcare consultations, number masking services are used by all.

Cab service providers 

number masking solution will connect a cab driver and passengers without revealing traveller contact information. The number masking solution will help them establish successful communication to locate each other easily.

Ecommerce, logistics, and food delivery platforms

You can connect delivery agents to the customer without revealing their phone numbers. Either party will have to go through our virtual operator for communication. 

CRM platforms

CRM departments across various sectors make use of number masking solutions to connect their relationship managers and teams with clients.

Healthcare sectors

Teleconsultation has become an integral part of all our lives due to the global pandemic. We help healthcare apps and online consultation services connect with patients guaranteeing 100 percent data security.

Ikontel- provides customer-centric solutions.

Ikontel has been delivering quality number masking solutions to worldwide customers. We have partnered with some of the most updated AI-based technologies to build seamless processes for all our clients. We constantly strive to achieve customer trust by delivering flexible solutions. All our services are planned to keep the future in mind. Our goal is to become your trusted partner. Along with number masking solutions, we also help build audio bridges, cloud telephony, IVRS, Robo Call, Click to Call, Miss call services, Toll-free, SMS gateway, long code SMS, and speech services. Till date, we have helped agriculture, banking and finance, education, healthcare, utility, security and maintenance, and many other sectors. All our senior consultants have been associated with these solutions for almost ten years now. Our machine learning and artificial intelligence experts will help you find the latest solutions for all your problems.

Assured geo-redundant network

All your number masking solutions will be backed by servers across different geographical locations. This wide array of servers will protect you from missing any important calls.

24x7 customer support for all our clients

Our customer support team is trained to help you with relevant information and quick solutions within an hour.

Seamless CRM integration

You can integrate the number masking process with your in-house CRM system. This will facilitate better report analysis and timely activity updates.

Expert assistance

We will provide one senior consultant for each client. The senior expert will provide you all the required recommendations and timely support.

Operational training

All our call masking solutions are supported by training sessions. We provide instruction manuals and live doubt clearing sessions after setting up the system.

Timely configuration

We value your time. We work according to strict timelines and strive to deliver solutions before their due date.

Cost-optimized service

Our services are cost-friendly and supported by a variety of service packages and subscription options.

Client-specific solutions

We build a dedicated solution for all our clients. Our unique personalized number masking solution will suit all your business needs and facilitate communication free of all interruptions.

 Over 90 percent customer retention

With our quality services and customer-centred solutions, we have managed to achieve more than 90 percent customer loyalty. Our customers choose us for all their CRM demands.

Customized solutions

Our technical team will help you tweak the existing system to accommodate complex developments. Our team will serve all your demands right from minute UI changes to complete personalized development.