Understanding the benefits of the Click 2 call feature

Among the many benefits of incorporating a Click 2 Call feature, customers can simply click on a button to contact your company directly from your website. This makes communications easier and thus drives more leads to your business.

While you can always have a phone number listed on your website, it’s not likely that customers are going to take the time out and contact your business unless they’re absolutely invested in what you’re selling. In the case of a Click 2 Call feature, the customer just has to click on a button, text, image or visual and get connected to your business directly. This makes it easier for companies to generate leads and dedicate resources to customer interactions.

Let’s explore the key benefits of the Click 2 Call feature. We are going to understand how Click 2 Call benefits businesses and customers alike.

1. Avoid waiting on hold for the next available agent


When there’s a busy line to your office, callers may have to sit and wait on hold while getting connected to the designated department. By the time an available agent responds, the customer is already worn out. With the Click 2 Call feature, companies can dedicate a helpline for each department. The process is as easy as clicking on a button to get connected with the next available agent. Click 2 Call allows customers to skip the busy tone and avail help as soon as possible. The calls are controlled through a database which assigns call queues and redirects calls to available agents.

 2. Manage hours of operation for all phone calls


When the lines are busy during peak hours, your centralized system of call queues can be administered to manage the operations of phone calls. With Click 2 Call, you can contact a customer at any time that is convenient for them. You get to continue operations without losing out on valuable leads and existing customers. By managing the operations of phone calls, your business will be open to customer whenever it is best suitable and available for both parties.


3. View statistical accounts and reports on all of your calls


Customer data is vital to growing any business. With a dedicated system for call logs and reporting, you can view all statistics and data regarding the way your company manages calls. Using this tool available in the Click 2 Call feature, companies can position their customer interactions in the best manner. Statistical reports help companies manage calls better and predict the trends for the future. By keeping the employees well-informed, decisions can be taken to provide the best service for callers.

Ikontel’s Click 2 Call feature assures that all your data is safe and secure for the benefit of your organization.


4. Simplicity is key


The best part about Click2Call is that it is convenient for customers and easy for agents to handle. It’s an extremely effective way to interact with customers and generate more leads for your business. It’s easy to use and requires no technical expertise to handle and manage calls effectively. Your company will save tonnes on training agents and installing complex communication systems and servers. The Click2Call feature can be integrated on your website using any browser or computer in a few simple steps.

This simple approach to acquiring more leads and fulfilling customer relations is benefiting numerous businesses today. If you are interested in setting up a Click 2 Call feature on your website, you can bank on iKontel’s expertise and get Click2Call today.