What are the Services IKONTEL offers?

IKonTel is the pioneer in the field of communication. It offers many solutions to simplify the communication between Businesses and customers.

IKontel offers Cloud Telephony, IVRS, Click 2 Call, VoiceBot, RoboCall, Sms solutions, Toll-Free Number Service, Audio Conference Bridge.


What is IVRS?


IVRS stands for Interactive Voice Response System, a technology used for handling large volumes of inbound and outbound calls, using intelligent dial tone detection and prerecorded messages to interact with callers. Callers can make payments, inquiries, service updates, request information, etc., quickly and easily on their own. The automation features of IVRS technology allow for efficient marketing, sales, and client interactions.

What is Cloud telephony?


Cloud telephony is the technology that shifts your business setup to the cloud. It is the most efficient way to manage business communications without compromising on cost and quality. By enabling quicker access and ease of operational efficiency, businesses can leverage a range of advanced features like IVRS, cloud calling, Click-2-call, Virtual PBX, Audio Conferencing, Chatbots, etc., to fulfill specific business functions.


What type of business can leverage cloud telephony?


Businesses of all sizes, small, medium, and large can make the most of custom cloud telephony solutions. The cloud system is configured to your specific business requirements. To handle large call volumes, any business can utilize cloud telephony to reach more people, manage more clients, and boost their business communications. For automated sales & marketing, cloud telephony solutions include SMS services, toll-free numbers, chatbots, speech services, etc.


How to get a quote for ikontel's custom IVR solutions?


You can connect with us via telephone, email, or on our website. To make things easier, just fill in this contact form and our representative will get in touch with you.


Does ikontel offer toll-free services?


Yes. Ikontel is a cloud telephony service provider that caters to diverse industry segments across the country. Toll-free services are our specialty. You can get the best, most affordable, and easily set up toll-free services right now.

Get in touch with us and get the best toll-free services from iKonTel.


What are some benefits of toll-free services?


There are many advantages in terms of access and business communication efficiency. But here are the top benefits of toll-free services.

  • Builds customer relationships
  • Enhances service delivery
  • Inbound lead generation & sales
  • High portability


How does a Robocall work?


A robocall is a phone call that uses a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message, as if from a robot. Some robocalls use personalized audio messages to simulate an actual personal phone call.