The trendsetters:

1] Virtual Reality (VR):

What if we say, you will have a chance to travel to a different world with just one click? Don't be surprised. Virtual reality is even famous today among many fields but the future holds a more promising change to the technology.

The VR technology is known to gain a prospective market of about 6.2 billion within just a few years.

VR technology is known for its creation of a reality-like environment in computers and other platforms using computer technology. It is one of the best technologies that has been developed and is growing ever since.

One such change that this technology promised to bring is the future is virtual games. But don't we already have them?

Well, your query is true. But virtual technology is working upon creating a more immersive technology that presents today. It is working upon creating full-body sensing games.

Virtual games are hoping into the trend where a user can install cameras and projectors inside their homes and club the real-life with the virtual life. They are all set to launching 8K BR glasses and surround sound systems that people can use to feel the thrill of gaming.

Apart from just this VR is also making its place in the education and medical environment and making several changes to the industry as well.

The technology is worth noting due to its myriad of features and never-ending evolution.


2] Artificial Intelligence(AI):

A trendsetter without AI involvement is hard to find. Artificial Intelligence has been continuously proliferating and has brought significant changes to all. Today AI is used for facial recognition when combined with deep learning, it is embedded in robotics, and so many other fields.

What does the future hold?

A robot who can do surgery.


Well, do not be. AI is mysterious and fun and has been setting trends for year's with its impeccable work and so will it in the future

AI uses a heuristic approach to learning and lets the machine learn things step by step using machine learning, recognition, and several such technologies. Many developers are now working on robots using this technology.

There are several hundred robots produced, and AI is taking it a notch higher by introducing the surgical robot.

The surgical robot is said to carry out intricate operations with extreme precision. Human errors are common and to mitigate that risk this machine will be used. The technology might first serve for simpler surgical operations and they will be guided by doctors. But the trend is huge within itself and is sure to create a huge hype in the medical industry. 

Apart from the above mentioned AI will also make improvements in privacy policies and building integrated chips that can work with 10 times more speed than the normal.


3] Internet of Things(IoT):

Smart lamps, smart washing machines, smart refrigerators, ever heard about it. Well, you see everything is getting smart and what is making them smart? Internet of Things.

IoT is ruling the world today and everything is moving towards getting smarter and automated. Everything we use today has a smarter and more autonomous version to it. Nowadays you can switch the AC of your house using your phone when you are a million miles apart. This is made possible through IoT.

With the upcoming 5G network, IoT is seeing a more promising future than it ever had.

And the trendsetter it is bringing with it are smart cars. Cars that can ride on their own, and can memorize your daily roots. Something which can tell you that it's so and so the part is damaged and it needs a repair just kike humans do.

Do not be surprised because the torture will surely bring this prominent change and it is not too far. You will soon be able to enjoy a car that is 10 times better than today's cars.


Technologies are ever-changing and change is the new constant for them. Each passing day brings about new ideas and new homes in the mind of the people. Technology is evolving so drastically that soon every field be it educational or medical all are going to be highly benefited from them.

The above-mentioned fields are working towards setting a new trend in the market and making dreams come true. Maybe one day with all three technologies combined you can even see Flying Cars.