How iKonTel’s CRM and WhatsApp chat services helped TPWODL to increase their service quality.

About TPWODL: TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited (TPWODL) is a joint venture between Tata Power and Government of Odisha. Basically a power distribution company serving power to a population of 88 lakh. In order to communicate with the consumers, they have a call centre.

Key challenges:  

During our initial conversation with the head, we learned that TPWODL was experiencing a higher rate of call volume than before, which was putting a strain on their agents. Additionally, we learned that the inflow of calls was not meeting the expected number, which was causing delays in resolving customer issues and leading to dissatisfaction. As we explored further, we discovered other issues that were affecting their call centre operations, such as longer wait times, low agent productivity, and poor call quality. To ensure that we address all the issues, we made a list of the key challenges that need to be resolved to improve the overall performance of the call centre.


●    Call abandonment rate increasing

●    No records of call agents

●    No such tool to perform gap analysis

●    They didn't have any record of call flow, service level, agent performance report

●    Struggling to get feedback from customers

●    Not able to assign agents according to consumer query type

●    The query of the consumers is not being resolved without contacting the agent

●    Not able to assign agents according to language

How iKonTel helped TPWODL 

Our team of experts took a comprehensive approach to understand the root cause by working closely with the agents and analysing both inbound and outbound call journeys. Through this process, we identified the key challenges and prioritised them to develop a strategic plan of action.

iKonTel's WhatsApp service delivered the desired results 

Our WhatsApp chat service was a highly effective means of communication for TPWODL. With the multiple options available, customers could easily choose the option that best suited their needs without any waiting time. They could communicate with TPWODL in their preferred language, making the process more comfortable and accessible for them.


We designed our chat service to handle a wide range of customer queries. Whether they had a power cut, a faulty meter, or need help with their bills, customers could tell their issues through the chat service. Agents were highly trained and skilled in responding to these queries, ensuring that customers received accurate and helpful responses every time.


We understood that TPWODL customers' time was valuable, and that's why we prioritized quick response times. Whenever a customer contacted us through WhatsApp chat service, agents instantly responded to their queries, minimizing waiting times and ensuring a seamless experience.

iKonTel provided customised CRM service to have a seamless process 

●    Save all data (customer details, queries, complaints to name a few)

●    CRM fetches the data automatically and saves

●    Inbound and outbound service

●    Call history

●    Call distribution to agents

●    And 50 more features


Overall, our WhatsApp chat service provided our customers with a fast, efficient, and convenient way to communicate with us and resolve their issues.