How Cloud Telephony Can Benefit the Gas Industries

Gas industry plays a vital role in the supply and distribution of natural gas to meet demands for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Since this industry is for people, proper communication is much-needed.

 In daily life people request for new gas connection, refilling, gas connection relocations including commercial purpose. And to avail these services gas industries need to provide a solution that saves the consumers time and money.

 In this article we will explore the various opportunities that can help gas industries, but before that let’s understand the current pain points.

Pain Points of Gas Industry

Communication gap: Due to large geographic areas stakeholders including field workers, technicians, customer service representatives, and management cannot have unified communication. As a result, consumers' grievances do not reach the concerned department or staff.

 Language barrier: When a consumer wishes to speak in their own language, the current phone system does not have the facility to communicate.

 Operations not streamlined: Manual processes and obsolete communication systems can lead to operational inefficiencies and delays in responding to customer queries. This can impact productivity and customer satisfaction.

Remote Workforce Collaboration: Gas companies often have remote field technicians and workers who need to communicate with their teams and access information in real-time. 

How Cloud Telephony works as a saviour to the gas industry

Cloud telephony as a solution can help the gas industry in many ways including call routing, IVR, call queuing, missed call, voice bot and call recording while enabling seamless communication and collaboration across different teams and locations.

 It enhances communication, team collaboration, improves customer service and support. Also enables remote workforce management, provides scalability and integrates with CRM for streamlined operations and data. 

How consumer can benefit from cloud telephony

For new gas connection: Consumer can give a missed call 

Gas leakage or fire: Can send image and video through whatsapp chat service

Relocation: Consumer can call IVR; also send address details through whatsapp chat

Vernacular language: Consumers can speak in local languages through voice bot

No waiting time: With call queuing facility, consumer can contact instantly

Data update: While relocating, consumer can update the data such as address, phone number 

Benefits of Cloud Telephony

●    Improved Team Collaboration: Cloud telephony improves bonding among teams and locations within the gas industry. Employees can effortlessly make and receive calls from any location, promoting efficient information sharing, real-time decision-making, and reinforce teamwork.

●    Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Because of its advanced features such as call routing, IVR, call queuing, and call recording gas companies perform more. You as a supplier streamline customer service processes, handle a higher volume of calls efficiently, provide a personalised and consistent customer experience.

●    Empowering Remote Workforce: It helps all the staff to work remotely yet connected with each other. Team members use mobile devices to make and receive calls, ensuring continuous communication and quick issue resolution.

●    Growth Opportunities: By implementing Cloud Telephony gas companies can eliminate the on premise hardware installation and maintain the cost. Can use advanced features and eventually grow the revenue.

●    Enhanced System Connectivity: Cloud telephony can integrate with CRM, help desk systems, and analytics platforms. This integration enables seamless data exchange, improves workflows, and provides valuable insights. 

How iKonTel helps gas industries to boost the productivity and sales 

Being in the industry for years we have helped many enterprises including utilities. Our recent work is one of the govt agencies, where we helped with our Cloud Telephony. The main aim is to help their people to receive grievances. If you are looking for customised cloud telephony solutions in the gas industry, let us help you.

 With our deep knowledge in Cloud Telephony we can help you; let’s understand how it all starts.

 Step one: Understanding the requirement

Step two: Build a journey for you

Step three: Showcase the demo

Step three: POC (Free) to get a knack of our solutions

Step five: Live


The use cases of cloud telephony in the gas sector range from enabling efficient remote communication between field workers and headquarters to facilitating real-time monitoring and control of gas infrastructure, resulting in improved operational efficiency and enhanced safety measures.

With our cloud telephony solutions, gas companies can optimize their processes and enhance productivity. Moreover, cloud telephony plays a crucial role in transforming gas operations by facilitating the seamless integration of various systems and technologies. This integration enables real-time monitoring of consumer complaints and queries, resolves the issues promptly, and enhances overall operational efficiency.

We at iKonTel provide precise cloud telephony solutions to streamline communication in the gas sector by providing unified and reliable communication tools such as call routing, IVR, call queuing, missed call, voice bot and call recording for a smooth team collaboration.