Why use a Toll-Free Number service?

Better customer service

Toll-Free numbers help connect with customers easily. Toll-free solutions help provide a smooth communication medium to all customers. Right from prospective customers to service issues, the toll-free number can be used by all. You can also integrate a VoIP system for automated responses, approximate waiting time predictions, categorizing the call purpose, and many more factors. 

Toll-free numbers are portable

Toll-free numbers can be transferable to different locations. While shifting business organizations, you can use the same Toll-free solutions at the new location.

Build a brand image

Customers are bound to be frustrated if they are charged for waiting extra time. A toll-free number displays your customer empathy and an ethical approach to take care of them. Moreover, the trust factor is high for businesses offering toll-free numbers.

Helps in marketing campaigns

Promoting a toll-free number during marketing campaigns will generate more leads for your brand. You can also link your toll-free number with click to call features. Most users find the click to call feature easy to operate and hassle-free.

An affordable way to reach your loyal customer base

The subscription rates for toll-free numbers are lower and come in different packages. You can choose an affordable monthly package or a cloud-based solution.

Cloud access

Cloud communication provides high-level security and robust infrastructure. Most toll-free service providers offer both cloud-based and traditional systems.

Our Toll-Free Service offerings

  • Domestic Toll-Free Service (DTFS)
  • Universal Access Number (UAN)
  • International Toll-Free Service (ITFS)
  • Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN)

Time-based routing

We help you set up toll-free call routing based on the call timing.

Call redirection

Call rerouting systems when a number is busy or not answerable.

Managing load

Help your CSA employees manage call loads to a secondary number.

Sequence based 

Set up a toll-free system by developing call sequencing workflows.

Black/Whitelisting of numbers

You can restrict calls based on geographical locations, customer history, and more relevant factors. Also, you can blacklist callers that are spam or contain malicious information.


We offer 24x7 live data access and automatic report generations of toll-free system responses.

Call comments

Our toll-free number services come with inbuilt access to log real-time comments for the next CSA working on the system.

Concurrent calls

We offer a call routing and management system where you can handle more than four calls directed at the same number. We set up the concurrent call system based on your expected call concurrency.

Call recording

Our experts will set up the system for automatic call recordings. The call recordings will be saved on the cloud and can be viewed based on the access rules.

Call monitoring

All our toll-free system setups can be real-time monitored. 

CRM integrations

The toll-free system can be easily integrated with any existing CRM platform. This integration will help you view data and statistical information of lead generation and ticket status.

Why choose us?

  • Instant access to customers across different locations.
  • A wide array of service packages to choose from
  • Set your routing preferences.
  • An interactive web interface for real-time viewing and call routing options.
  • Detailed and time to time call analysis report and statistics
  • 24x7 toll-free system monitoring by our able Networking team
  • A loyal customer base is satisfied with timely deployments.
  • The customer service team is supported by the latest technology.
  • No hidden service charges.
  • Qualified professionals that support all your demands.
  • Generate more leads with our toll-free number services.
  • Quick configurations for all types of toll-free number channels.

Who are we?

Ikontel has helped clients worldwide set up toll-free call systems. We believe in a value-driven partnership with all our clients. Our rapidly growing portfolio of solutions with over 90% customer retention is a testimony of our quality-driven services. We believe in helping our clients achieve their goals and visions. The client is at the core of all our service offerings. We delegate a senior executive to each client. Our team has an unparalleled understanding of all custom solutions, Toll-free number services, missed call services, CRM solutions, and more. All our solutions are on time and within budget. Visit https://ikontel.com/ for rapid solutions for all your toll-free service demands. Collaborate with us to accelerate your brand’s growth in the right direction.