Regardless of its nature and size, firms can go to any extent to keep their customers satisfied and increase retention rate. It needs to make sure the customer gets what he needs and provide them with additional services, which allows them to maintain a loyal customer base. Giving your consumer the best-in-class customer experience is the aim of a firm. There are several ways by which you can accomplish the objective.

A toll-free contact number offers the best means for customers to communicate with the client. It is the reason why prominent and mid-scale firms replaced their traditional point of contact with toll-free lines.

Regular phone calls charge customers a fee, and the amount relies on the phone call duration. For international phone calls and roaming calls, the costs get increased by 1.5 to 2.0 times. It creates a difference between regular phone calls and international calls. Regardless of the number of times, a customer connects with a firm to get his queries answered. Consumers won’t get charged for marking phone calls. Even if it’s an overseas phone call, the customer receives exemption from paying extra charges.

The goal of the toll-free number is to improve conversion rate and streamline communications. It opens rooms for improvement and facilitates the growth of the firms. Customers no longer feel hesitant to call the representatives. Toll-free numbers help your firm remain connected with clients. You may wonder who will pay for toll-free calls. The firm is accountable for incoming and outgoing phone calls.

A toll-free line differs from a regular phone call. A toll-free number usually has 1-800 as the first digit and repetitive series of numbers. It is enticing for customers. The repetitious line of digits makes it easy for customers to remember them.

Did you ever hear the term vanity toll-free number? Vanity toll-free solution has the regular series and substitute’s numbers with an acronym like 1-800-88-PLUS. Vanity numbers are concise, which makes it simple for customers to remember them. It likewise finds application in conducting marketing campaigns.

What are the ways by which toll-free number improves customer experience?

Toll-free numbers encourage customers to contact firms whenever needed. Whether it is a question related to a product or problem solution, a customer needs to connect with the representatives over phone calls. It allows seamless connection and helps business growth.

Some customers prefer getting assisted by humans. When you provide customers with a toll-free number, it allows them to choose you over your contenders.

Toll-free numbers are more accessible for the consumer to identify. It has a modest plan than a regular phone number.

Toll-free numbers granted by iKonTel come integrated with IVR and allow fast problem resolution. A customer needs to call the firm, and the call gets routed to the agent wherein he interacts with an agent. If there are technical glitches, a toll-free number connects customers with technical support assistants. It increases the conversion rate and the number of contented customers.

When you couple Toll-free numbers with the CRM tool, it allows agents to view call recordings and indexes. It grants access to call records and furnishes an improved customer experience.

Toll-free number develops trust among the customers that the firm is available for them. It helps them when one needs its support and guidance on product use.


The more the number of satisfied customers, the more likely is the firm growth. Toll-free numbers give your happy customers to talk about your firm. There is no denying that word-of-mouth is a potent means to promote your trade. Toll-free numbers granted by iKonTel are easy to recognize and available to customers 24/7. If you’ve queries related to IVR for other telecom services, connect with our firm today.

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