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Dear Team Ikontel,

We have started our Call center operation from 1st April 2021. This has been feasible because of dedicated efforts putin by Team Ikontel.

Appreciate and Thanks your support.

TPWODL 05 May 2021
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Your support and dedication ensured us in timely launch of our Call Center operations.

 Excellent Job done by Ikontel team.

Keep it up and best wishes

TPSODL 06 Apr 2021
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Cloud telephony has helped our business focus on the goals. Many processes are streamlined with iKontel's expert cloud calling solution. We used Bulk SMS for our promotional campaign and the results were amazing. I would recommend iKontel's SMS solutions to small and medium businesses to scale up.

Fedbank 31 Mar 2021
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iKontel's cloud calling services are top-notch. They've helped us make our front-end business processes much more effective.

corteva 31 Mar 2021
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Great support and exceptional technologies. Their IVRS services are brilliant. We surely recommend iKontel's services to businesses looking for communication tech.

TPADL 30 Mar 2021
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Good customer support and excellent platform

Reliance 25 Feb 2021
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with almost no time or effort for us! The best part was that we could completely trust their team to represent our company professionally with our clients.

Vodafone 24 Feb 2021
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"Their innovative Robo Call increased our OCR almost two folds. Thanks for excellent support."

Sun Network 28 Jan 2021
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"We have used their SMS, long code, robocall, tinybill, mobile application and contact center services. They are reallt prompt and very customer focucssed."

Essel Group 22 Jan 2021