5 advantages of using CRM with inbuilt cloud telephony  

Customers want seamless experiences in every interaction they have with your company. As a result, your company should dedicate resources that create a robust communication strategy.

CRM with inbuilt cloud telephony  systems is widely popular to manage customers in real-time without any interruptions. That’s because every second on the call counts and you need all the data to make accurate decisions. Customers calls are important, but how do you keep the live communication going without compromising on the many advantages of an inbuilt CRM?

The best way is to integrate your company’s CRM with cloud telephony solutions. Yearly, on an average, companies lose about 25% of their customers because of poor customer services. An integrated CRM with cloud telephony advantages will solve this rising concern.

In fact, with inbuilt cloud telephony in your CRM software, you can retain up to 89% of valuable customers while offering seamless experiences in the process.

Let’s explore 5 advantages of integrating CRM with cloud telephony

1. Personalization

The scope of personalization is increased with an integrated cloud CRM solution. You can reach customers one-on-one through voice call management, personalized greetings, analyzing the preferences and having all the necessary data in one platform.

Personalized experiences increase the quality of your customer services, where the calls can be routed to the most qualified department to provide custom solutions to customer queries. Using real-time reporting tools, call recordings, call monitoring and many features, you can focus on the customer service with data-driven decisions for your business.

An IVR integration with CRM can help your business achieve the best outcome, by saving time and costs on customer interactions, while offering a personalized service upon call. Your organization can do more in less time, with dedicated focus on the customer’s concern. With a custom technology to reveal your business acumen, you will be able to create a robust framework to handle all types of customer enquiries and offer apt resolutions instantly.

The other major aspect of personalization is scalability and reliability, where cloud telephony offers the ability to facilitate small, medium or large businesses with the communication required to generate the best results. CRM integration will provide an accurate premise to make a more informed decision and handle all the customer experiences effortlessly.

2. Enhanced lead management

Every business wants to generate more leads, but an effective lead management system can help you retain leads and create a better strategy. Having migrated all your data to the cloud, the business phones will lure more customers than ever.

Every detail about your customers and their preferences will add to your lead management system because it’s stored and accessed from a centralized database. You can track calls, log your call history, and monitor the performance via a CRM that can help generate more leads. The integration of CRM with cloud telephony creates a more efficient lead management system, to organize valuable data and make the right call. After all, you have information about your customer, purchase history, previous interactions, leads, preferences and sales opportunities. With this information easily accessible, you can also update the system while converting leads into sales.

3. Boost your organizational productivity

One of the biggest advantages of integrating cloud communication components with your CRM is the increase in overall productivity. Your team doesn’t have to shift from multiple applications to handle a single call. Your employees can configure automatic features to personalize their cloud calling experience. Inbuilt CRM offers features to gather desired information at the click of a button.

CRM with inbuilt cloud communication services save a lot of time and energy for your organization. They always have access to accurate data. They know the customer before the call comes through to the system. They can use Voice bots and IVRS technology to automate the repetitive processes and customer queries.

In fact, cloud telephony with CRM improves the training process for new recruits using call recordings of existing agent progress. You can use an audio conference bridge for internal communications and sales coordination with different departments. The entire functionality of the organization is enhanced with improved communication channels and maximum productivity.

4. Analytics with CRM integration

Depending on the technology used, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your company and the organizational commitment. The organization can manage a consistent flow of information to understand customers and employees better. That’s because the analytics from the CRM and the Cloud telephony network can be cross-compared to arrive at a reasonable conclusion about the company’s performance.

Information like social media interaction, browser data, click-through rate, responsiveness to calls and general customer query patterns can be derived at the click of a button. You’ll know the average call time and how many people are happy with your service, or what the peak hours are. You cant thus dedicate resources accordingly.

Cloud telephony service providers also generate automatic statistics in a cloud-based system that works in tandem with the CRM. It includes information like call volume, cost per call, missed calls, call waiting, solving rates and much more. Hence, businesses can make better decisions with all the data to support their strategy.

Additionally, picking the best employees becomes easier. Managers and team leaders can offer personalized feedback to strengthen the skills of an organization. An organization can recognize its most valuable assets and generate favorable results with the right approach.

5. High scalability and flexibility

With integrated solutions, cloud telephony allows for your organization to implement the latest technologies according to the requirements of your business. Depending on employee performance and customer demands, you can scale up or add inventive ways to tackle various business operations. The main reason is that cloud communications are extremely affordable and offer a high ROI. The added advantage is that as your company grows, your cloud telephony network is automatically adjusted to the growing demands.

Cloud telephony holds the potential to generate more leads in the shortest duration, resulting in a higher rate of revenue generation. It may be difficult for employees to manage separate systems for each function of the enterprise. With an integrated cloud telephony system, all the business data is securely stored, accessed and applied according to the rising aptitude of operations. Employees become more self-sufficient, with an option to remotely access company data when they are asked to work from home using a smartphone application or internet browser.

Make the most of cloud tech

By offering secure access, increased transparency and effective management, cloud telephony integration with CRM, LMS, or any form of enterprise software can unlock the full potential of your business instantly. Harness cloud telephony solutions to the fullest, and contact an expert to know more about the communication framework that suits your business. iKontel is a leader in cloud technologies and can help your business incorporate a custom plan for the best ROI and maximum profitability.