Benefits of Cloud Telephony for SMEs

More and more businesses are investing in cloud telephony for their communications. This is because cloud calling is cheaper, more reliable, scalable and efficient than telephonic interactions. Especially during the global pandemic of COVID-19 cloud technologies have remained an important part of communication in every industry. Cloud telephony presents a solution to many problems that businesses face, while automating large scale customer interactions and improving overall organizational efficiency.

In this article, we’re going to explore how Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) benefit from cloud telephony.

1. Customer calls are always answered

Especially when remote work became a trend, companies could not invest in setting up a reliable telephonic system for each of their employees and agents working from home. The alternative is a cloud based calling service that can be operated using a simple system and the internet. Sales and support executives can fulfil their duties remotely using cloud calling. Cloud calling also facilitates easy call routing to idle agents regardless of their physical location. As long as the agent is connected to a live internet connection, the call can be handled with ease. In fact, cloud telephony also offers the option of accessing cloud calls via cellphones, to make work on the go an great alternative as well.

2. Reliable customer services

Cloud communications have proven to be a reliable, scalable and secure asset for SMEs and large corporations alike. During the pandemic, companies did not have to halt their operations despite lockdowns and restrictions. Instead, they used their customer service skills at home, to cater to the inquiries and queries of customers. Even if a live agent was not available at any given time, the cloud telephony allows for a custom IVR to greet the customer and record their concerns. This can then be examined by an agent to provide a custom solution to the customers.

3. Call tracking and monitoring

Another great advantage of embracing cloud telephony for SMEs is that it offers the option of recording all calls, inbound and outbound. These calls are assessed for quality analysis purposes and used to train upcoming interns and new recruits about the processes of the company. The recorded calls can also be used to study the productivity and responsiveness of existing employees.

4. Remote meetings and conferences

With cloud telephony, it becomes easier to host a meeting form remote locations at a convenient time. The use of cloud telephony of instant meetings, conferences, onboarding sessions, training and other operations has shown many advantages. People attend more meetings and increased connectivity allows everybody to become part of the solution to a company’s problem. By facilitating the free flow of information even during social distancing, cloud telephony has transformed the way we interact with the organization and customers. Cloud telephony also offers the option of audio and video meetings, which can be used inventively to convey a message and conduct a fruitful discourse.

5. Reliable Business Continuity

While the COVID19 pandemic was a world wide disaster, the advent of cloud communications allowed for businesses to continue operations in a reliable manner. As the foundation to business continuity, communication plays a vital role in the growth and performance of an organization. With cloud telephony, companies can mingle with the market and their own organization easily. This reliability places cloud calling as a valuable asset for SMEs across the world. Irrespective of location or time, cloud technology can serve the purpose of a business effectively. People from different parts of the world can collaborate and communicate on projects and provide solutions to problems that may arise. This advantage has made a mark in the way businesses operate internally and externally everywhere in the world.  

6. Data security

Considering that people can operate from various parts of the country or the world and collaborate over a cloud network, privacy is a concern. Losing data over the call or staking sensitive information may be a huge risk that the company has to deal with if the communication is not secure. Cloud based telephony offers a reliable and secure way to communicate in large numbers and in small numbers across different places and time zones. This reliability ensures that data is secure and that access is only given to authorized personnel. Businesses have maximum control over their assets and their communications with cloud telephony. A cloud telephony system also comes with a feature that allows you to track agent activities and ensure that they are not compromising the call data or customer experiences.

Considering the many advantages of cloud telephony for SMEs and large corporations alike, the wide spread use of cloud based services is increasing in huge demand. If you are interested in incorporating cloud telephony to scale up your business communications, you can get a custom cloud based calling system today. Ikontel specializes in cloud telephony solutions for businesses. With reliable, robust, secure and efficient cloud communications, your business will reach new heights.