What is Cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony solutions help move all your business-related phone services to the cloud.

The cloud based telephony system will be run through the internet connection. It is a VoIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) based PBX system. Cloudtelephony will help you make bulk communications possible while opening a new establishment, hiring remote staff, growing your team, and many more needs.

Applications of Cloud Telephony

  1. Advertising
  2. E-commerce
  3. Human resources
  4. Payments processing

Guidelines to choose the right Cloud telephony system

  1. Look for services that offer a trial period

You do not want to be stuck with cloud telephony services that are not compatible to serve all your business communication needs. You can scrutinize their rate of delivery and how the platform works. Every business must try a trial service before signing up with cloud telephony companies.

2.           Do they have a quick setup?

It is always sensible to purchase a cloud telephony platform that your customer service representatives do not have difficulty using. The system should not consume a lot of your time for configuration and setup.

3.           What is the limit to add groups and agents?

The system should be flexible and help you add or delete agents easily. For a growing business, you should not face any shortcomings due to the limitation in your cloud telephony services. 

4.           Is a cloud routing option available?

Check beforehand if the cloud telephony service provide call routing options. A call routing system will reduce the wait period during calls and help associate agents efficiently. You might lose customers or end up with frustrated customers if you fail to deliver timely services.

5.           Will the agent be taking notes during a call if required?

The agent should have an option to place notes in the cloud based telephony platform in case of call routing option or if the issue is unresolved. This will help the next agent be on the same page as the previous agent.

6.           How much access will you have to the performance reports?

Reporting and timely meetings with the cloud telephony companies will help you measure the performance of your system. This is the most efficient way to measure each agent’s performance and identify areas for better performance and give them timely feedback. The call recording service will help you monitor calls closely. This will also help the agents be more responsible during their calls.

7.           Do not choose a cloud telephony system without IVR

A cloud telephony for business must have IVR. The cloud based telephony system should provide interactive voice response and a platform that will help create widgets. You can manage the widgets and customize the platform according to your business demands. Every call center that has high volume calls to handle must be equipped with an easy to handle IVR system.

 Many cloud based telephony companies will provide all or some of these features, you need to check how viable and efficient the service is.

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