6 reasons why Cloud telephony is for SMEs?

Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies have invested in robust cloud telephony networks to upscale their business operations and improve overall efficiency. However, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can benefit immensely from adopting cloud telephony services.

In a competitive business ecosystem, your business success depends on effective internal and external communication. Cloud telephony offers the best of both worlds, online and offline, business process automation with highly-flexible and targeted communication solutions. The advanced flexibility of cloud telephony services offers employees the ability to work anytime anywhere.

Additionally, business infrastructure is more holistic with cloud-based applications to boost efficiency and productivity of business operations. Hence, more SMEs are investing in cloud telephony services to bolster their operations and meet global objectives.

Let’s explore the 6 big benefits of cloud telephony for SMEs.

1.     Exclusively tailored services & features

The biggest advantage of cloud telephony services is the customized solutions available to meet any specific business demand. Using the latest technology for cloud communications offer a pay-as-you-go model which requires minimal capital investment to meet specific business objectives.

When your business grows, you can unlock new custom features of cloud telephony to meet your objectives.

2.     No installation or maintenance cost

You do not require to change the existing business infrastructure to implement a robust cloud telephony service, thus saving costs on installation and maintenance. The cloud telephony service provider takes care of all your backend operations, while you can use the existing systems and IoT integration to meet the rising demands of business.

There is no need to invest in servers, heavy equipment or technical cloud engineers to manage all your cloud telephony services effectively. iKontel offers the best cloud telephony solutions in Bangalore and everything from setting up your cloud infrastructure to managing and maintaining all your crucial data is in secure hands.

3.     High flexibility

Setting up a cloud-based communication system is highly flexible, owing to the huge number of people connected to the centralized network, sharing ideas and collaborating. You can share data any time and securely access cloud applications to carry out various complex business funcitons easily.

Thus, cloud telephony reduces the number of telephony systems and creates a centralized cloud-based communication system for effective management and interaction across the organizational hierarchy. This gives business maximum control and flexibility in terms of resource allocation.

4.     Cost-effective

As mentioned in point one, you require minimal investment to set up a cloud telephony service and maintain all your operations. However, the biggest advantage is that your operational costs as a company is reduced by a huge margin. Through automation and effective streamlining of business processes, employees can carry out functions easily and thereby boosting the productivity of your enterprise.

Cloud telephony saves a tonne of costs on operations and returns a high ROI with a clear way to maximize profits.

5.     Readily available support

Installing a cloud-based communication system comes with the added benefit of readily available technical support and advice. iKontel will guide you on how to capitalize on your cloud solutions and generate the best results. There is no need to worry about hardware expansion or technical aspects like database management or enterprise app development.

Your trusted cloud telephony provider will handle every aspect of your communications infrastructure.

6.     Easy implementation

Cloud telephony systems like IVRS integration, Click2Call, Cloud Contact Centre, Robo call, Speech services and Virtual agents are highly customized solutions designed for each enterprise function. They are advanced AI-powered technologies with powerful use cases in various industries. However, to install any of the best cloud telephony services, you don’t have to make big changes in your existing business infrastructure. The cloud telephony service provider will integrate a robust cloud telephony solution that fits your current requirements at maximum value for your investment. You can easily train resources to familiarize with the cloud telephony system with minimal effort.

Cloud telephony is easy to implement and user-friendly, making it the top choice for SME’s looking to scale up their operations and meet the demands of the future. Especially during the COVID-19 global pandemic, cloud telephony has saved numerous businesses from the brink of extinction and allowed continuity through a sustainable workflow model

If you are business looking to implement the latest cloud communications, iKontel can help you achieve your goals in the best way possible.

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