7 best reasons why SMEs are switching to cloud contact centres

Startup ecosystems are evolving and the market is no longer dominated by elite and high brand companies. More SMEs are being introduced in various industries, thus creating a robust framework that is reforming commerce everywhere.

With the advancements of technology, SMEs are competing with larger corporations in smarter and technically advanced ways. Technology has streamlined business processes where there is less manual intervention and more business automation. Customer service, sales and marketing are all integral aspects of business communication. Cloud technologies have introduced highly scalable, accessible and easily implemented solutions for increased efficiency. Thus, more SMEs are incorporating the latest cloud solutions to stay relevant in the market and seize their niche.

There are numerous reasons why and how cloud computing has revolutionized the modern business ecosystem.

Let’s explore 7 best reasons why SMEs are switching to cloud contact centres.

1. Resourcefulness & easy management

SMEs may not have a lot of capital to invest in infrastructure initially, and thus would require a resourceful approach to building the enterprise. Cloud telephony services allow the efficient management of SME’s by offering many competitive advantages, to scale up the business with a comparatively lower investment. From customer engagement, campaign response, automated interactions, custom IVR solutions and market analytics, SME’s can stay competitive and rise up the ranks.

Cloud telephony boosts the productivity of an organization with easy call handling and distribution features. Faster resolutions to customer queries and smart data collection are among the other perks. Cloud telephony offers immense resourcefulness without having to make a huge investment in the infrastructure.

2. Easy implementation


Cloud telephony services offer customs solutions managed and maintained by the service provider. This eliminates the requirement for data centres or expensive equipment to manage cloud services used by the company. Additionally, technically trained personnel are not required to perform tasks like maintaining servers, networks and app development, since everything is deployed by the Cloud telephony provider.

Cloud telephony provides easy and quick-set up with many user-friendly features for employees and users can set up an account and explore the features.

3. High-scalability

Cloud telephony platforms like the iKontel custom cloud solutions are very helpful for SMEs, as they can invest in technologies according to their business requirements. The highly scalable solutions offer numerous features and functions for a business to incorporate as they grow.

Cloud telephony also allows features like automatic routing to networks that reduce load when calls are in high volume. Additionally, faster delivery of time-bound KPI’s are guaranteed for the business. The high scalability also includes the flexibility and compatibility of cloud solutions with all kinds of technology and tools that can meet every business need.

4. Automatic updates and analytics

Traditional PBX systems are tough to maintain and often experience downtimes. They also do not have an efficient way to store, access and manage data. Cloud telephony services eliminate all these hassles with innovative and user friendly enterprise applications. From automatic updates and real-time analytics, SME’s are always ahead of the game.

Automatic updates also allow the latest security measures to be implemented so that there is no data leak or cross-server issues. Businesses can make data-driven decisions to improve their workflow as time progresses.

5. Secure and reliable technology

SME’s have to invest in a solid business growth strategy and thus have less funds for infrastructural changes in the beginning. Cloud telephony provides the latest security measures to keep all company assets safe and secure, while offering numerous tools and techniques to administrate the enterprise effectively.

Data recovery measures, easy cloud migration and disaster proof framework of cloud networking is more reliable than investing in large storage centres and warehouses. Cloud telephony is the most secure, reliable and consistent form of communication that can help an SME scale up easily with effective administration and access to the latest technologies.

6. Enterprise efficiency

SMEs often have a lot of resources from different locations, verticals and levels of the company. They may even hire contractual workers, freelancers and interns. A cloud based communication platform bridges the gap between various enterprise functions easily, by bringing the entire company to one platform. By staying connected, data can be securely transferred and various functions can be performed efficiently.

Additionally, remote work culture and remote access is promoted by Cloud infrastructure which can provide secure access to compatible devices when employees are working from multiple locations. SMEs can manage permissions, data transfers, communications, and offer secure access to varying levels of the enterprise. Collaboration is easier and the organizational hierarchy is based on value generated by productive communication.

7. Customer experiences are refined

The best aspect of cloud contact centres and cloud communication technology is the seamless user experiences. Not only are the employees benefited by a rigorous workflow made simple, but customer experiences are more refined. Customer interactions are complimented by data-driven analytics and easy methods of communication. Companies are in control over all the secure data and interactions within the company. Thereby making effective decisions to constantly improve customer experiences is easier. With advanced intelligence and cloud computing software, companies can offer unique and personalized services to their customers.

For example, a customer can be given a virtual tour of the manufacturing unit as part of a contest, giveaway or lucky draw campaign. Without investing any additional resources, customers can unlock the many benefits of access to their purchase history, omni-channel shopping and much more.

As cloud telephony redefines modern businesses, we are witnessing a more refined approach to business communications. More SMEs are in control and ready to tackle the rising demands of the industry. If you are looking to implement the latest cloud infrastructure, this is the best time to invest in Cloud telephony. Click here to contact an expert from iKontel to tell you more about the revolutionary applications of a custom cloud solution for your business.