How can NBFCs benefit from Cloud Telephony?

According to recent surveys, many non-banking finance companies (NBFC) are present in India.The NBFC has a prominent share in the market.The various infrastructure financing cooperatives, microfinancing banks, gold loan providers, investment companies etc. fulfill the financial and borrowing needs of the Indian Population. 


But when it comes to providing 24/7 customer support, they face many challenges. In such cases, automation is the only solution for NBFCs. Let’s get to know how cloud telephony can help to overcome customer challenges.

1. Call Queue Management

This feature helps cover all the calls, even when your agents are less likely to attend the call. Whenever a user calls your business number and When agents are busy with another call then the call is queued or put on hold along with music playing.

The incoming call from the customer is directed to your agents with the goal that they can rapidly wrap up the current call and answer the next call in the queue. Customer's calls possibly get disconnected when they decline the call.

 2. Call Barge

Most cloud communication providers offer the choice to the entrepreneurs and supervisors to pay attention to live calls between their agents and customers. While listening to the live calls, they can share tips and guide agents. The best part is that they can join the conversation together with the customer and answer their query in a better manner.

 3. Live Call Monitoring

Live Call Monitoring permits you to see the quantity of active incoming & outgoing calls with different other details like the number of busy agents, call length etc. With this feature, you can see the live status of calls and deal with your agents keenly.

Many cloud communication providers give an instinctive dashboard that shows basic continuous measurements, for example, the number of idle agents, unanswered calls, number of calls answered inside service level etc.

4. Call Forwarding

Imagine a scenario where an important client dials your business number, and your agent has not reached the workplace? In the conventional telephone systems, your agent would have without a doubt missed the calls, yet with cloud communication solutions, you can undoubtedly deal with this communication issue with the Call forwarding feature.

Call forwarding permits you to forward incoming calls from your virtual business number to a particular extension, group of extensions and even to a cell phone number. Consequently, permitting you to accept business calls.

 5. Call Announcement

More often, agents essentially answer the call without knowing who is on the other side. The call announcement takes care of this communication issue by informing your agents about the callers. In this way, save your agents from blindly accepting calls and repeating similar sales processes again and again.


For example, you can configure this feature to get a call declaration like this - "You have a call for sales. To answer the call, press 1. To send the call to the phone message press 2. To advance this call to another expansion, press 3. To keep the approach on hold, press 4."

In this situation, your calling agents will have important data about the caller and they can make fast moves for the call and set up a personalized sales message.

6. Call Recording

Businesses regularly fail to understand and predict the assumptions of customers prospect. The call recording feature will help you with that. Get all calls of your agents recorded with cloud telephony solutions and then begin to analyze how your agents handle clients.

Distinguish the main problem areas of your customer and direct your agents to more readily address their inquiries and offer great support.

7. Call Conferencing

When you are in the remote workforce, it becomes hard to work together consistently and exchange ideas and examine business operations.

Call conferencing brings your teams to a single platform and decreases the need for business travel to meet different partners. Therefore, saving operational expenses and further developing internal team communication.

 8. Facilitated IVR Solutions

Businesses typically include monotonous customer processes like changing passwords, booking a product, booking a demo etc. It is smarter to give your customers a self-improvement tool for these tasks. It eliminates the requirement of connection with the agents and subsequently helps you with decreasing their hold time.

IVR implies Interactive Voice Response, which likewise acts as a virtual agent asking customers what they need to perform. You can arrange your IVR in something almost similar to this where customers will hear - "Thanks for calling the company name. Press 1 for support. Press 2 for Book a Demo. Press 3 for Billing Queries. Press 4 to talk with our Customer Care agents."

 9. Chatbots

In the era of going digital businesses, which includes getting a site and promoting it online to drive traffic. When you get those customers to visit your site, as a business, you can take the opportunity of communicating with them. Chatbots are probably the most ideal way to speak with your website visitors and gather their data, for example, telephone number, email etc.

Future Ready Communication with Cloud Telephony

After covid-19, Ikontel’s cloud telephony has simplified processes for NBFCs. They need easier, more efficient & secure solutions for customer handling teams. Everyone wants to experience flexibility & efficiency in work. Ikontel’s Cloud Telephony solutions make it easier for companies to communicate remotely via various features. 


It also boosts your external communication by applying innovative ideas for customers & engaging with them.


Hope you can find out more about cloud telephony, how it is beneficial for your businesses. For more details do follow ikonTel.