How cloud telephony can help Automobile service industry?

Zoom to the New Age with Cloud Telephony

India being the fourth largest automobile manufacturer in the world is set to manufacture 3 million passenger vehicles by end of 2021. Now the question arises as to what kind of selling and customer support platform automobile industry is using for sale and services of automobiles. With all this tremendous growth in automobile sector, the servicing industry needs drastic modernization. The automobile industry still follows a very traditional approach of communication with the customer.

Problems faced by Automobile customer support

At present automobile service industry is restricted to giving service updates, vehicle breakdowns and reminders of festive offers for automobiles. The battle here is to have better customer relationship and communication.

Missing Customer Leads

When a customer calls there is no record or a database to store and track all enquires which have taken place. Some of the service industry even follow age old method of writing down all enquires in a log book. Many customer enquires will be missed or lost between agent shifts.

Lack of Customer Satisfaction

With an increase in automobile sales, customers need to book service dates beforehand as Walk-ins are out of question. Again if the service centre is using traditional method of writing down booking, it could get messy and confusing. Thereby the customer booking gets lost and the service centre has one unhappy customer or a lost customer.

Absence of Customer commitment

Customers need more than just reminders for their car services. 75% of the automobile service industry now provisional and lacks imagination. This approach won’t do for the younger generation who are the biggest buyers right now and always want something more.


Shortage of unified Platform

How do automobile service companies know their ROI? The best possible way to know is to check the call leads and the sales it has converted to. This ROI is possible only if there is an existence of a unified platform for enquires and service to compare data, which is absent in most of the service centres.


How iKonTel can help

Interactive ways to reach Customer

Sending just an SMS is not enough these days. For example if the service centre is providing free car wash along with servicing on few special days, an SMS can be sent and an automated call can be given to the customer asking if they would like to take this offer.

This is possible through iKontel’s Cloud Telephony where SMS can be sent in bulk to all the customer base and a call be given later on to follow up on the booking. This method has more customers reach with no requirement of an agent to call manually to do the booking.


Always there for Customers

Be it a Sunday or a public holiday customers always need help with their automobile. Automated Call recording which is part of the Cloud Telephony service provided by iKonTel can do this activity in the best way. The customer can call and based on the option chosen by the customer during the call service can be provided. The customer gets the satisfaction that they are always taken care of even if it is a holiday.


Personalized Journey

From the beginning where a customer calls to make a service enquiry till the end where feedback from customer is received iKonTel can make it a memorable journey for the customer. This process involves call recording, SMS reminders, personalized wishes on birthdays and anniversaries, service reminders through SMS and automated calls and post service calls for rating and feedback. This kind of personalized service increases customer retention and their trust.


Ease of scalability

With lot of automobile service centres booming in the city, service centres are coming up with new businesses. For example a service centre might want to expand into car rental game. Smart Cloud Telephony platform by iKonTel can aid this new venture by scaling up with ease and economy.



After service feedback or assessment by the customer is very important for a business to grow. Customers prefer to provide a feedback if there is no waiting time on call and if it is done with ease. iKonTel has latest automated IVR technology where the customers can directly key in their feedback using keypad or voice input. Being resourceful and receiving smart feedbacks has always shown an increase in customer loyalty.


Taking into account all the above advantages, it is time for all the automobile service industry to advance to the next generation and incorporate Cloud Telephony and keep up with the booming automobile industry. Contact iKonTel for the best Cloud Telephony system to do the same!