22nd June 2023, Nha Trang City, Vietnam. iKonTel Vietnam proudly announces its active involvement in the celebration of International Yoga Day. On 17th June, the iKonTel Vietnam team participated in an outstanding event held at Nha Trang City, showcasing their commitment to promoting physical and mental well-being in the community.

International Yoga Day is celebrated globally on June 21st each year, emphasizing the abundant benefits of yoga for overall health and wellness. Since it was on week days, Vitetnam team celebrated on 17th of June. iKonTel is dedicated to fostering a healthy lifestyle and supporting the local community; joined this worldwide event enthusiastically.

During the event, the iKonTel Vietnam team actively engaged in various yoga sessions, embracing the essence of balance, mindfulness, and inner peace. Participants of all ages and backgrounds were encouraged to experience the rejuvenating effects of yoga through guided practice, meditation, and breathing exercises.

In addition to their active participation, iKonTel proudly sponsored specially designed T-shirts for all participants. The vibrant T-shirts showcased the company's commitment to promoting physical fitness and a positive mindset, creating a unified spirit of togetherness among the attendees.

"We are delighted to have taken part in the International Yoga Day celebration and sponsored the event's T-shirts," said Mr. Vincent, Country head at iKonTel Vietnam.” Yoga symbolizes the principles of holistic well-being that align perfectly with our company values. By supporting this event, we aim to inspire individuals to prioritize their physical and mental health, developing a balanced lifestyle for everyone."

iKonTel Vietnam extends its gratitude to the organizers of the International Yoga Day event for providing an excellent platform to promote health and wellness in Nha Trang City. The company remains committed to actively engaging in initiatives that contribute to the well-being of the community.