Reasons why BFSI business can benefit from a cloud call centre

According to a report by Microsoft the following customer experience statistics were revealed:

-       58% of consumers consider customer services as the main reason they choose a brand

-       61% of consumers avoid transacting with a brand after a bad customer service experience

-       59% of consumers demand better customer support than they did a year ago

These statistics are applicable to all industries and domains like the banking and financial services sector. BFSI businesses however, need to take extra precaution. Your call centre operations are vital because they refine sales and support functions with improved availability and quality.

In this post, we explore how BFSI businesses can benefit from a cloud-hosted call centre. Let’s start by studying the value of centres in the BFSI industry.

Value of contact centre operations for BFSI industry

In the rapidly growing BFSI sector, incidences of fraud and cybercrime have also increased exponentially. This challenges customer trust and security.

Financial institutions know that customer experiences are important to acquisition of new customers and the retention of existing ones. A powerful cloud contact centre allows banks and financial institutions to offer better experiences and meet the expectations of their customers.

Here’s how a call centre benefits your BFSI business.

-       Call centre agents help customers with confidential transactions which can be overwhelming for many people. The processes include making deposits, withdrawing money, checking account balances and paying bills.

-       Complex transactions require expert assistance to offer seamless experiences. Round the clock availability of call centre personnel can improve the customer experience.

-       Mortgage companies, investment firms, insurance providers, banking sectors all come up with new services and products which require a clear understanding. Contact centre experts can explain the details of each product which complements sales functions.

-       Call centres play a major role in winning and maintaining the customer trust in your business. That’s why it’s important to go the extra mile when serving customers.

Why BFSI is shifting from traditional PBX to cloud contact centres?

A cloud-based contact centre moves your entire operations to the cloud, offering improved flexibility and operational efficiency. You are not confined by geography or time zones. Unlike traditional setups, you do not require on-premise infrastructure which brings down the operational costs by a large margin.

Additionally, you do not require a specialized IT team to help maintain and upgrade your cloud telephony system. The cloud communication service provider offers all you need to keep your reliable system up and running.

Cloud contact centres also offer Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR). Using IVR, contact centres can feature self-services to customers. This allows BFSI companies to handle large call volumes; IVRS handles basic queries while freeing up time and space for agents to intervene when complex issues arise. This boosts the overall efficiency of your workforce operations.

Hosted cloud contact centres also feature data repository which powers BFSI businesses up with required information for a distributed workforce model.

Leveraging cloud telephony for BFSI businesses

Let’s understand how BFSI businesses can leverage cloud telephony for seamless contact centre operations.

Customers may require access and management of their funds at any stage. Cloud contact centres enable effective resolutions to their queries and concerns all round the clock. This kind of access fosters a trusted relationship between BFSI companies and their market. Using automation features of IVR, customers can help themselves. Missed call solutions and intelligent call routing solutions also make contact centres more efficient in their operations.

Using call centre software and integrated CRM solutions, BFSI businesses can manage all their assets across multiple locations. Agents can connect with callers from anywhere in the world and at any time. Cloud calling allows for remote workforce capacity and offers flexibility to the BFSI professionals.

Large financial services companies no longer have to worry about disruption in their services with the option to manage all their assets in a centralized system. Callers always receive priority and every resolution is taken care of despite technical issues in any single branch.

Agents can easily find all the information they need on their dashboard, to be able to handle customers better. By improving the way customers interact with the BFSI company, cloud telephony solutions enable improved customer services. Training and management of assets is also made easier using virtual modules and on boarding processes. Communication between varying levels of management is made easier and more focused on business intelligence.

Cloud telephony can be integrated with custom enterprise applications that bolster the output and efficiency of BFSI businesses. Cloud telephony service providers offer custom solutions that are tailored to each business specific need. The affordable and highly scalable cloud solutions allow for a smart investment in the best technology available.

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The BFSI domain can make the most of cloud telephony services. Banks, mortgage companies, insurance industries, credit unions and financial services businesses can boost their reputation with a smart mode of business communication.

Cloud telephony helps your business attain delicate equilibrium while offering security, flexibility, scalability, and maximum reliability. You save infrastructural costs and don’t have to worry about maintenance or upgrades. Your cloud telephony service provider will ensure end-to-end management of your cloud-based communication solutions.

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