Everything You Need to Know about Predictive Dialers and Progressive Dialers.

Are you tired of waiting on hold for hours to reach your client? If so, the predictive dialers or progressive dialers will let all of those pesky clients know when someone has called and left messages directly into voicemail, so there is no delay. You'll be able to save time along with saving money without sacrificing any quality at all - this service should not go overlooked. If you're looking for a way to automate the dialling process, take a look at predictive or progressive dialers. These systems use database information and business rules to generate call lists in order of priority so that your salespeople can spend their valuable time on more important tasks than just making phone calls. This blog post will help you learn predictive and progressive dialers in detail.

What Is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is an automated system that automatically makes outgoing calls. It helps agents get through more calls in a shorter amount of time. A predictive dialer connects the agent to the ring as soon as it becomes available, so the agent doesn't have to wait in line for a call.

What Is a Progressive Dialer?

A progressive dialer is an outdated system that predictive dialers in most modern businesses have replaced. A progressive dialer works like a rotary phone, requiring agents to wait in a queue for their calls. The first agent on the system will call number one and then hang up before dialling number two. Once the second call ends, It will go back to number one and continue until the list is complete.

Pros and cons of Progressive Dialers

Progressive dialers are great for small call centres (15-30 agents) that have limited budgets. Still, there are a few reasons why businesses choose to upgrade to predictive dialers as their call volume grows.

1. Progressive Dialers Save Time

The most significant benefit of a progressive dialer is that it saves time. Because every agent on the system must finish their last call before starting a new one, it can be prolonged if many agents call at once.

2. Progressive Dialers Can Be More Difficult to Use

The main challenge with progressive dialers is that agent training can be more difficult. Since there's a long learning curve, it takes more time to train agents how to use the system, making onboarding take a bit longer than with predictive dialers.

3. Complicated Systems Require a Lot of Training

A progressive dialer may include features such as campaign management, IVR maintenance, and custom scripting. These features can break at some point during every call. Progressive dialer requires an additional layer of support to troubleshoot problems when they occur.

4. Progressive Dialers Can Break Easily

Progressive dialer failures can be more common since they require extra support. For example, if the operator forgets to recalibrate the system after performing maintenance on one of its features, it may start to make calls that are too fast or too slow.

Pros and cons of Predictive Dialers

  1. Save Time: Predictive dialers allow agents to start calls as soon as they become available. The same five agents use predictive dialers, and each has a list of 50 numbers to call. They'll be able to start their calls as soon as the system assigns them a number. Since there's no waiting time and agents only talk to one person at a time, this will save you significant amounts of time and money.
  2. Requires only basic training: Using predictive dialers to make calls only requires training on the basics of making calls and transferring them to agents in your inbound centre. Unlike progressive dialers, predictive dialers have a straightforward interface.
  3. Predictive dialers are usually more reliable: since they don't rely on complex scripts and algorithms. Instead, they're based on triggers that take their inputs directly from what an agent does.

Most modern businesses choose predictive dialers because of their efficiency and convenience. They require minimal training for the agents, making them easy to use. Plus, they allow you to track agent performance and generate reports on call volume, average handle time, and more. Want to know more? Visit ikonTel, a next-generation high-quality product development, and software solution company. For more info, call us on +91 80-4653-50-60.